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I’d like to start by saying I’ve never been a podcast girl, aside from the fact that I hate putting headphones in my ears, they just haven’t been on my radar. It was actually my friend Jenna who sparked the interest in me, as someone who frequently listens to podcast series.

Ok, so it’s not like I’ve NEVER listened to a podcast. I was intoduced to the concept first by my husband who is an avid follower of The Ricky Gervais XFM ones; this was before they became hip and cool and back in a time when only a select few had ever heard of Karl Pilkinton. Jon actually falls asleep with the sounds of the old XFM crew every single night, and has done since before we met. Sometimes we listen to them together but then he swiftly takes the headphone away from me because I laugh too loud.

I’ll give you a second to guess what the other one is………….. yep, serial. Of course it is I mean is there anyone who HASN’T listened to that podcast? I was hooked from beginning to end!

So aside from the 2 mentioned above… these are the voices I’ve been dabbling in of late.

The Allutionist

A literary whirlwind hosted by Helen Zaltzman where discussions of language and etymology fill your ears. Not guna lie, this one makes me feel super intellectual. I was recently listening to the podcast whilst drinking a glass of red and cooking home made spag bowl for me and the husband – is this what they call adulating or what?! Past Laura never saw that one coming. If you are into words this is definitely for you. It’s interesting, it’s funny and you may even learn a thing or two – what’s not to love?


I actually stumbled across this one because it was mentioned in the Allutionist, both being part of the radiotopia family. As suggested in it’s title, the podcasts is about different criminal situations. Short snippets of peoples stories, whether they have committed a crime, been victimised or sit somewhere in between. Still to date episode 1 is my favourite – I was walking home from the train station with my mouth wide open in pure disbelief! Disclaimer alert – I do not suggest listening to this podcast before bed. A few times now I have fallen asleep with an episode on and let’s just say, my dreams aren’t usually that murderous.


If you saw my “books I’m loving right now” post, you will already be aware of the #girlboss babe that is Sophia Amoruso. Following the success of the book Sophia has launched a podcast in which she is joined by inspirational women who are absolutely killing it in their field of choice. Who doesn’t love a bit of female empowerment? I’m only 2 episode’s in but I’m already feeling motivated.

Ctrl alt delete 

Another podcast following a book from my list and this time by Emma Gannon. Again I’ve only listened to 2 episodes so far but it’s been a super interesting find. As a young woman who has grown up along side the internet much like Emma, it is great to hear her guests views on it, how they’ve used it to fuel their success and what the drawbacks may be.

Edit: I’m like 30 episodes in now and I just cannot get enough of this podcast! Emma is finding THE best guests and I now follow a whole load more people on twitter. Deffo get on this one asap.

My dad wrote a porno

Well I had to save the best till last! This is my go to evening podcast at the moment, usually tucked up in bed with a bowl of pasta (don’t judge). I cannot believe I haven’t listened to this before. So many people suggested it to me and I just never got round to it but my god have I been missing out. IT IS HILLARIOUS, like laugh out loud funny, my neighbours must be getting sick of me cackling into the evening. If you aren’t familiar this is a podcast started by a guy who’s dad…. wrote a porno. He and 2 pals read a chapter a week and basically rip the shit out of it and it’s honestly one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a long time. So simple yet so effective. There is now 2 series of erotic fun to get through and the team are releasing a book in the near future. Make sure to check them out, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Are any of you avid podcast listeners? Do you have any regular ones that you just cannot get enough of or are you into any of the above? Let me know in the comments!

Peace and Love xoxo

+ also LOL at this picture I’ve used, it was literally a random snapchat from this morning and the only thing I could find to put in this post so I could get it up now.


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