Payday millionaire

A payday millionaire is someone who lives the champagne lifestyle on pay day and regrets it for the rest of the month. You see those figures in your bank account, get a little over excited, get a little frivolous and then OOPS you’re in your overdraft. The worst offender in this is of course the Christmas payday millionaire, because if you’re company is like mine you will get paid super early and your money will have to stretch a lot further.

Paymentsense recently did some research and found that out of all these yolo!, payday!, friyay! people, a third will change their eating habits at the end of the month – why? Cause they’re bloody skint!

If like me the payday millionaire is a concept way too real for you then I could not recommend a slow cooker purchase more! Next pay day when you’re looking to flash your cash, make sure this is top of your list, especially in winter! It enables you to cook so many cheap meals in bulk and keeps you eating like a king even at the end of the month.

So here’s my fave under slow cooker recipe, this bad boy comes in at around £5 depending what you chuck in and it can be cooked in bulk, frozen and reheated (although you should probably look up how to reheat properly, I hold no responsibility for your salmonella 🙂 ).

I’ve made this a meat dish but it can be adapted to suit your diet and if you just use a load of veggies the price is likely to come down even more!


Chicken (I tend you use breast cause I’m weird about meat on the bone but you can use any cut)

Veg: I like to use frozen suede and carrot mix with sweet corn. Frozen veg is perfect for the slow cooker!

Butter Beans – for a bit of texture!

Herbs: my faves for this dish are garlic and mixed herbs

Salt and pepper

Stock – either cubes or the jelly ones from Knorr, sometimes I use both to thicken it up more. You can also use packet casserole mixes which are super cheap!


Chuck your chicken in the slow cooker. Add herbs, salt and pepper. Add veg. Mix stock with water as directed on packet and add to slow cooker.
Cook on low for 6-8 hours. I tend to do mine in the morning and head off to work so dinner is ready when I get home! (It will also make your home smell heavenly.) I would add the butter beans in about an hour before it’s done so they keep a decent texture. Have it with potatoes, pasta, salad or on its own and as I said, any left overs can be frozen for another day.

Remember, you don’t have to scrimp on your food, there are so many low cost meals out there that are dreamy for your taste buds and your bank balance.

Click here to read paymentsense’s blog on being a payday millionaire– it’s actually really quite interesting and maybe a little too close to home for me!

If you have a favorite slow cooker recipe PLEASE send it my way! I’m looking to expand my horizons with the nifty appliance.

Peace and Love xoxo


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