New moon…

For those of you out there who feel like you need a fresh start and that a simple new year transition is not enough then this post is for you! Today is a new moon, the last new moon of 2016 in fact and this can be used to set you on the right track for 2017.

If you haven’t read my Full Moon post from a couple of weeks ago and need a little background on the whole subject, go give that a little read first. I’ll wait…….

Ok ready?!


So now the Full Moon and Christmas is out of the way it’s time for a New Moon. As I mentioned in my previous post, there is a lot of heightened energies around at this time and not all of them are welcomed. This may also be more prominent with a new moon as it has more of a subtle effect on your mental state.

SO what can you do this new moon to give you some peace, clarity and freedom from your demons. The new moon is all about letting go, having a fresh start and setting good intentions to move forward.

Now there are a few things you can do at this time and I have listed some below:

1. Write a goodbye letter.

This is usually something you would do on a full moon but if you didn’t then there is no time like the present!

Write a letter saying goodbye to anything negative in your life. Whatever you want to let go of, whatever is bringing you down, get it on paper. Scribble your inner most thoughts, get those demons out. It doesn’t even need to make sense as long as it makes you feel better.

Next you need to fold the piece (or pieces) of paper up….. And burn the shit out of them! Imagine all that negativity burning up into a ball of light and disappearing forever!

The physical act of burning something and actually seeing it vanish in front of your eyes will help you to let go!

2. Cleanse it away.

Run a bath, or a sink if you don’t have a bath. Imagine the running water to be a pure white light. Add in some Epsom or Himalayan salts and wash yourself in it.

When you wash, imagine washing away all the negativity and replacing it with pure white light. The salt will help to remove toxins from your body and increases circulation.

I’ve just found a great article which explains this a little more –

I will definitely be giving one of these ago, getting my brain all ready for a fresh new year!

3. Set intentions.

Intentions are a bit like new years resolutions except you make them monthly. Personally I think this is a more realistic way of setting goals that wont lead to failure because you can analyse how they’re going throughout the month and re set at intentions at the next new moon.

Obviously you can set intentions at any time but the energy from a new moon can help with manifesting.

Try writing down what you want to achieve, maybe even draw a picture of it. Make it come to life in your mind. If you have read my previous post on your vibe attracting your tribe then you will note my theory on believing things will happen. Set your intentions as if they have already happened, as if they are already yours. Truly believe in them. But don’t forget to put the work into achieving your goals as well.

I am currently reading Moonology by Yasmin Boland which takes you through the different stages of the moon and how to get the most out of each one. So far it’s been really interesting so I would recommend checking that out, or something similar if you would like to know more!!


I’ve also been made aware that burning sandalwood is good for moon manifesting. This is of course open to interpretation and you can choose whatever scent works for you. However, Semra from mama moon kindly sent me a sandalwood candle to try and I thought I’d share the description with you here:

Sandalwood is magically and spiritually powerful. It’s soothing aroma soothes the conscious mind before moon rituals, and promotes higher levels of consciousness helping with personal growth, spiritual inspiration and manifesting peace.

Happy healing everyone, hope you have a fab new moon and a wonderful new year! See you on the flip side.

Peace and love xoxo



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