My Perfect Bath

Having gone 3 years without a bath (we only had a shower in the old flat) I was so excited to get in some relaxing tub times. I thought I would have baths on those days where you just need to soak the stress away but would mainly still be a shower gal.

This could not be further from what’s happened. We’ve lived here for 3 months now and I have only had one shower in that time! My love affair with a nice long bath has grown and grown and I look forward to it so much. For this reason I decided that I needed to share my perfect bath sitch with you all.

So first I run the bath (obviously). Being a stereotypical girl I like that water hot! I mean not so hot that it gives you heart palpitations and leaves you all lobster chic but as close to that as possible. I then add in some Epsom Salts from Westlab which is supposed to help with bloat and achey muscles (I mean I’m not sure if it works or not but I put them in anyway.)


Next up, the bath bomb! I don’t use one in every bath because I don’t have the money for this luxury, or enough space in the bathroom to store that many. My all time favorite has to be the butterball/bear. So simple but so effective – it’s not fancy, it doesn’t make your bath change colour but OMG SO SMOOTH! You literally don’t have to moisturise after so for a lazy bum like me this is just bliss! I literally get out the bath and I’m like JON STROKE ME! HOW SMOOTH AM I! It baffles me every time. The one I’ve used here is the “avobath” which also has that moisturising effect but I don’t think it’s as intense as the butterball.

I absolutely love make up but with skin like mine it can get a bit itchy and irritable by the end of the day so getting that off is heaven! I tend to use an oil cleanser to really break through the make up and get it all off. I then like to treat myself to a little face mask. Here I’ve used the Lush “Mask of Magnaminty”. LOVE the smell and it leaves my skin feeling fresh!

On the same wavelength my favorite body wash is original source mint and tea tree – It’s not for everyone, some cant handle the tingle, but I’m a big fan. Again it just leaves me feeling so fresh compared to others.

Most of the time I will watch something while relaxing in the tub. I’ve got a little bath pillow and I just lay there and forget about reality. I will watch YouTube videos or short programs so I don’t end up like a prune and will watch these on either my phone, kindle or laptop depending on whats charged at the time.

Now are you ready for my super glam viewing platform – yep I rest whatever I’m watching on the cats litter box! Don’t judge! This particular time was set up for my phone but it can vary depending on what I’m using. #thatglamlife!

If I’m having an evening bath I like to light the lavender candle and turn the lights off to really wind down. I’m also partial to a peppermint tea night cap and what better time to have this than while relaxing in the bath!? (If this bath is on a Friday evening the peppermint tea is often swapped out for a glass on vino!)

So there we have it, my perfect bath! I think I’m going to have to go run one now cause this post has definitely got me in the mood for a relaxing little dip. Do you guys do any of this or are you not the bath type? I hated baths for so long but I could not live without them now!

Peace and Love xoxo


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