Essex does Dorset…

Ok so if you haven’t ever visited Dorset the first thing you need to do before carrying on with this post is go purchase yourself a cheeky ticket – I promise, you won’t regret it!

Got it?? …. Ok let’s start.

A good school friend of mine recently made the move to Bere Regis in Dorset and invited Jenna and I to come visit her new surroundings. With pay day (and the wedding) looming, none of us had much cash so we vowed to spend the weekend doing cute outdoorsy things that won’t cost much.


Arriving at around 11.30 pm the plan was to head back to Holly’s and go straight to sleep. Obviously this was never going to happen! Not having seen each other for over 6 months there was SO much to catch up on and this just could not wait! You know that excitement you get when seeing an old friend for the first time in forever and you just bounce stories off each other, you gasp you laugh you congratulate, that was us. After we had exhausted our anecdotes it was 2am and we all crawled into bed ready for an early start.

8am wake up call, it was hike time! Now if you go for a hike in Essex you are basically going for a long walk cause the terrain is much like my singing … Flat!

Dorset on the other hand, is anything but flat. We arrived at Lulworth Cove dressed in an array of Holly’s gym gear and faced the “mountain” ahead of us with pure excitement. That is, until we actually started climbing and realised how unfit we all are!! Making excuses like “oh one sec I need to tie my shoe”, “Oh hold on let me put my hair up”. Then by the end we were just like, “WAIT I CANT BREATHE!” – any pretence was well and truly gone!


But my goodness was it worth it! We reached the peak of the hill, set out a blanket and went about eating the gorgeous breakfast that Holly had prepared for us… Home made pancakes with syrup and strawberries, bagels and cream cheese, fizzy peach water… It was beyond dreamy! Who doesn’t want to eat their breakfast in the fresh country air surrounded by beautiful hills and a tranquil sea that is literally to die for!?


After breakfast, a bit of outside yoga and some group pics (which included me setting a timer and running up and down a hill), we headed down the other side to check out Durdledoor. This beautiful nature carved rock is just stunning, on a secluded little beach known for its jurassic associations. I could just imagine myself here with a great book, writing in the sun or with a group of friends. This is 100% a place I need to come back to!




Then to Lulworth Cove. An equally beautiful cliff lined beach. We skipped stones (or attempted to) took some more pics (this time seeing me set a timer and fail to jump on a giant rock). The day was absolutely perfect, we just wandered around surrounded by all of this natural beauty reminiscing about old times and planning our dream futures.




We ended this little day trip with a Dorset fudge ice cream (well I did) – and what better way!


 We headed back to Holly’s beautiful little house. Sitting in the garden drinking wine and listening to old school naughties songs; singing, laughing and remembering old times! We even got fish and chips from the cutest little van that comes to this country town every Saturday to deliver the locals their weekend treat – so delicious!


 The three of us could totally relax in each others company, and that is the great thing about life long friends. You don’t have to put on a front and you don’t have to try to be something your not. They know everything about you, your good and your bad, that embarrassing thing you did years ago or that amazing achievement you had recently. You don’t have to explain your back story, they just know! No judgement, you are 100% comfortable and that, is priceless!


 In this fast paced society we live in, where social media fools us into believing we are in constant interaction with each other, it is easy to loose touch with these friends. You all go your separate ways and live your separate lives but it is so important to make time to reconnect!

In one day we seemed to have fit in so much but it was just perfect! We got a real taste of our friends new life in this amazing place. We saw her beautifully decorated little house with the cutest garden in the world, we spent time with the family and met her lovely new man. Having grown up through our awkward teenage years together it is honestly the best feeling to see your friend in such a great place, both geographically and personally.

Only having time for a quick visit we spent our last day at sandbanks. We got to see where Holly works, right next to an amazing marina and a cute sandy beach! What a life eh?! And in an attempt to recreate Joe Jonas’ cake by the water, we had scones by the sea!


 The rain came and we took this as our cue to leave. We spent some time wandering around the local shopping centre in Poole before heading to get our train. Saying our goodbyes until next time and already considering our return.

Sometimes you visit a place and get that feeling like yes, this is a bit of me! Bere Regis and Dorset in general is definitely one of those places. A quiet rural town, beautiful little houses and breathtaking surroundings!


Peace and Love xoxo



  1. June 23, 2016 / 12:38 pm

    Totally cute. Thank you for mentioning that I needed a nap halfway through our party hah. Much love <3 welcome anytime xxxx

  2. hannah
    June 30, 2016 / 9:32 pm

    Sounds like you had the best time! I really want to visit Dorset now, beautiful photos. xxx


    • June 30, 2016 / 9:37 pm

      You totally should it’s so lovely!! Thanks Hun 🙂 x

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