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About a month ago now I attended a local community event called LITE + LOVE. I didn’t know much about it but with no weekend plans and the venue being close to me I decided to take a wander. Little did I know that this weekend would help me to grow as a person, cause me to be more aware and allow me to meet some lovely new friends!

It all sounds a bit skeptical I know. How did I get this from one weekend in Chelmsford?

I think as humans, we all crave a sense of community. It’s bred into our instincts and goes back to our neanderthal days where we had no choice but to work together.

Nowadays we are constantly being picked against each other with high priority put on competition and “every man for himself!” Which is all well and good in the business world but, when you finally get to the top and have no real friends cause you’ve screwed them all over to get to where you are…. Are you truly happy?


Only we can make ourselves truly happy.

It is how we allow our brains to interpret certain situations that will decipher how we feel and react. NOBODY is in charge of your happiness except you! You could be down and out with nothing to your name and still tell yourself to be happy – it’s not easy, not by any stretch and it isn’t how we are being programmed to think, but we need to fight against the negativity, consumerism and scare mongering attitudes in society and take back control of our happiness!


I am slowly learning to train my brain into a happier way of thinking. Like everyone, you have good days and bad days but it is on these bad days that we truly find our strength!

(I’m still figuring this one out – like I said it isn’t easy!)

It’s so much easier, on a bad day, to fall into a pit of depression, binge on sugary treats and wallow in self-pity BUT this is not going to help and the next day you will have lazy sugar guilt!

Training our brains to see the silver lining in any situation is only going to have good effects on our lives!

Stop feeling guilty; stop worrying about money, stop caring what other people think of you, cause really…

what is the worst that can happen?

I also feel that getting outside, away from the technological whirlwind that surrounds us is really important! Experiencing the world and having a real life, not just the imaginary one we post about on facebook. This is vital, not only for happiness but also for our sanity!!


I am one of the worst culprits for living my life through social media, but it tends to be more counterproductive to your happiness. It is full of hollow empty fake feelings.


On the rare occasion that I look up from whatever device is closest to me at the time, I notice the hundreds of other people around me being sucked into a portal of technology.

Take the morning commute as an example, a carriage full of bleary eyed zombies, nobody looking up, everyone fixated on some device or another. Its quite eery when you witness it!

I recently had a train journey in which I actually divulged in some friendly commuter conversation and I left the carriage with a big smile rather than in a tired heady haze!!

(I’ll conveniently skip the part where I immediately posted about this on facebook as this does not fit in with the persona I am trying to create shhhhh…. don’t tell anyone)

image(me and my addiction)

It was this LITE + LOVE weekend that made me realise these things which I already knew but didn’t know how to address and the overriding message I took away with me was that a sense of community, a sense that there are others around you, close to you who feel the same, enjoy the same things, have similar opinions, aspirations, any similarities really,  will only aid your happiness. No matter what is going on in the world, if you surround yourself with kind and loving like minded people you will always have a piece of calm and happiness to escape to.

Take a look around and see what there is in your community, whether it be volunteer work, joining a team, community events.

All of these things, I guarantee, will put a smile on your face 🙂


For those in and around the Chelmsford area keep an eye out for events happening at the Transition / Anne Knight buildings near the railway station.

This is where I found my community and the start of a better me.

I hope that you will be able to find yours 🙂



Laura X


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