Christmas Movie Night & TV Goals…

Now, top of Jon and I’s Christmas list this year is a new TV! Although ours is not totally terrible it does have its “quirks”. For example, if you leave it on the sky menu for too long, a shadow of the menu stays on the screen for hours.

Isn’t that just dreamy!

Being ungifted in the technology area, I’m not really down with kids on what the “in” TV’s are at the moment. However, one thing I have seen floating around is 4K TV.

My initial thoughts where; HOLY CRAP! £4,000 FOR A TV!!!! That’s a bit steep! But you will be pleased to know that this was not the case *wipes sweat from brow and exhales in relief*

4K is in fact “The new HD” and I have to say the quality is pretty impressive! (click here to see the difference and learn more. I had way too much fun with the slidey comparisons!) This particular link suggest that “a more emotional viewing experience is born” -Like wow, I didn’t think I could possibly become more emotional but hey, challenge accepted!!!


So yeah, Santa if you are listening, a Panasonic 4K TV would go down a treat!

Soz guys, bear with me while I snap out of my dreamy TV haze!


This year I have been really struggling to get into the Christmas spirit…I don’t know what it is? Is it just because I’m getting older? Or is it because the weather has been weirdly mild?

I don’t know, but whatever the reason I needed to snap out of it STAT!

Christmas is such a great time of year, everyone is cheerful and extra lovely. Kindness is thrown around like glitter!

So what better way to spark that Christmas cheer than with a movie night!!!


Here is a selection of my faves! (also Frozen but I didn’t have the case for that). As you can see I’m that typical chick flick gal! (who has a bit of an obsession with Hugh Grant films.)

Before I settled down with any of these films, I needed to set the scene … Queue pizza, wine and cat! – PURRRRFECT!

First on the list was ELF – pretty much guaranteed to get you feeling Christmassy and make you giggle in the process. I bloody love Will Ferrel, he epitomizes my sense of humour and this film just cracks me up! It also makes me cry because I’m a sensitive, emotional bean!

Pizza devoured and out come the snacks because HELLO it’s Christmas and calories don’t count at this time of year!! (Although my waist line doesn’t seem to have got the memo on that one.)

All I can say is … why have I never had salted caramel chocolate fingers before because; THEY.ARE.DELICIOUS!

I should probably point out that I also ate a whole pack of white chocolate fingers earlier in the day … don’t judge me.

After I’d finished crying like a baby at Elf I decided that a sing song was needed, FROZEN … You’re up next! The ultimate GIRL POWER Disney film that will tug on the heart strings of any gal with a sister. It just so happens that my sister and I are basically Anna and Elsa!


After munching my way through ALL the snacks and singing my heart out with my fave Disney babe (like seriously how sassy and goals is Elsa!?) I realised it was about midnight and I should probably head to bed before my neighbours called the police thinking that I was strangling my cat.

I am now officially feeling Christmassy and plan to continue my movie marathon on the run up to the big day!

What films do you usually watch to get into the Christmas spirit? Also let me know if you have any thoughts on 4K TV! Help a non techy out!!

Peace and love xoxo

Laura x

*Please see disclaimer.


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