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As the weather gets colder, the chances of me stepping outside become slim to none. Its time to swap the summer cocktails for something more warm and cosy – like a home made stew and some fresh fluffy socks.

In the winter months, there is not much that beats a cosy setting and a good book. So in the spirit of all things cooler I thought I’d give you some recommendations, to keep you entertained on those hyggelig nights in.

1. Me Before You – Jo Jo Moyes

No you’re late to the party! I must be the only person (in the blogosphere at least) who hadn’t read this book, seen the film or failed to know the plot. I won’t lie and say I was hooked from the beginning but I absolutely fell in love with the book by the end. I was so invested in the characters and their lives. I read the last chapter tucked up in bed, unable to stop till I was finished. (Which was followed by me crying for about half an hour and texting my friend sad, angry thoughts.) If you’re up for a little heart wrenching romance then this is definitely for you! I feel like I need to add here that I absolutely despised the film, I don’t think it did the book justice at all!

2.After You – Jo Jo Moyes

The sequal to Me Before You which I started reading after my mum had told me she preferred it to the first. I was so in love with the first book I couldn’t fathom even liking the sequal – how on earth where they going to make another book?! But boy did they! All I’m going to say is, I did not see any of that coming! I think I kind of detached this book from the first in a way, it felt like a totally different story but I also read it with hints of affection (and hurt and anger) from the previous book. As with the last, the characters were so well portrayed that I became totally invested in them once again.

3. The Secrets of Happiness – Lucy Diamond 

I picked this book up on a whim as I was about to board a long haul coach journey to Cardiff and I’m really glad I did. Another slow starter for me though. I liked that the story was based around 2 step sisters, a relationship you can only properly relate to if you have one your self (I have 4!). Despite a frosty beginning, the book ended up being a really heart warming feel good story and I could actually relate to both of the main characters on different levels. I’d recommend to anyone with a sister / step family  or someone looking for an uplifting tale (although don’t expect song birds and lullabys from the start!)

4.#Girlboss – Sophia Amoruso

I’m sure you’re all aware of this book by now but if not, you should be. This was my “read on the way to work and absolutely smash the day” book. So much positivity, realness and motivation. The story of a frugal hippie turns multi millionaire.The fact that she’s a woman who did all of this off her own back makes it 100 times more empowering. Maybe less of a curled up cosy on the sofa book but a definite #mondaymotivation read for you guys.

5.Little book of Hygge -Meik Wiking

If you’re unaware of Hygge by now then you must be living under a rock! It’s absolutely everywhere and is perfect for this autumn / winter season. But just in case you don’t know, Hygge is a Danish concept which basically includes being cosy, burning a tonne of candles, spending quality time with your favourite people and eating naughty treats. Now this is more of a coffee table book, a pick up and read as and when. However I have been reading it pretty regularly because I’m finding it all very interesting. I’m totally inspired in terms of my home and social life and plan to spend a lot more time laying around in blankets eating sugary carbs with my friends (basically the total opposite to #girlboss!) Written by a Happiness researcher, it’s certainly interesting to compare Denmark to the UK and I think it’s pretty obvious why they’re one of the happiest nations on the planet.

6. The One Plus One – Jo Jo Moyes

Another book I picked up for the long haul coach to Cardiff (it was 2 for 1 in WH Smiths – I couldn’t resist.) Really enjoyed this but god it was an emotional rollercoaster (aren’t all the best books though?) If you’re a mum, I think you will get more emotional about it, I know my mine did. With twists and turns, ups and downs, this book makes you appreciate the people in your life. The simple things. It revolves around the big question of – if you do good things, will good things happen to you? Well you’ll have to read it to find out what the outcome was. I particularly liked the way it was written, instead of chapters each “section” was written from a different characters perspective and I think it worked really well!

7. Ctrl Alt Delete – growing up online – Emma Gannon

I have only just started this one but I am already hooked! It’s like Emma is describing my teenage years. Everything she says I’m like yep, yep, yep! It’s a bit scary actually but also comforting knowing that pretty much everyone my age has gone through this weird, confusing cyber induced life. I actually went through some of my old diaries the other day (MASSIVE cringe) and they are filled with old msn conversations and that heart wrenching boy obsession. Can’t wait to read more of this one and basically have Emma recite my life back to me.

(I’ve actually nearly finished this since writing my blog post and I’m still as obsessed as I was at the beginning. Really great read! I’ve also started listening to Emma’s podcast which is so amazing but more on that in another post)


I currently have 2 books on pre order including the new Sophie Kinsella novel, “My not so perfect life” (Literally my fave author I always pre-order her books) and Hannah Wittons “Doing It” (super excited for this one after watching her YouTube videos I think Hannah is a great ambassador for the younger generation.)

What have you been reading at the moment?! Send me your literary inspo for those cold wintery nights.

Peace and Love xoxo

+ all images my own except the first one because I can’t seem to find my book!! (Face palm) 



  1. March 1, 2017 / 6:00 am

    I love to read of hygge as I do it anyway- I’m all about cosy and appreciate the little things

    • March 1, 2017 / 8:54 am

      Yes love that!! It was a great book to read, just makes me want to snuggle up under a blanket by candle light and eat good food 🙂

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