Blogmas/Vlogmas || 5 Reasons I’m not taking part…


 I thought I would take some time to detail the reasons that I’m not taking part in Blogmas/Vlogmas, not only to explain but also to maybe take some pressure of those who are!

For those of you who don’t know what the hell I’m going on about, Blogmas/Vlogmas is where you post on your blog or YouTube channel every day for the month of December.

So here are my reasons for not joining in the fun…

1.Christmas is such a busy period; this means that not only will you have less time to create content but you will also have less readers. (They will probably be out stuffing their faces with mince pies and drinking ALL the bucks fizz! You should join them 🙂 )

2.It is ALOT of pressure to put on yourself, especially at a time of year where people have enough to stress about – Did I get everyone a present? Do I have enough money to survive? Will everyone behave on Christmas day? OH GOD AND I NEED TO FILM A VIDEO AND WRITE A BLOG POST – Someone send the elves!!

3.It’s producing content for the sake of it; this means that your blog/channel will be filled with half hearted posts/videos “just because”.

4.You could produce some amazing content but it will get over shadowed by the sheer volume of posts during Blogmas/Vlogmas.

5.May cause meltdown – What if you haven’t posted for a day, but you also haven’t done anything of interest, you’ve used up all your Christmassy ideas and just cannot think of anything to put out there, so you don’t. Then you feel like you’ve failed – Queue meltdown. No thank you!

Blogging/Vlogging should be fun, it should not cause you to stress out and question why you ever started doing it in the first place! If blogging is a full time job for you then maybe producing daily content wont be such of a big deal and if you have scheduled all your posts the stress may subside slightly. However, if it is not your norm to post every day – don’t!?

Do what feel’s right for you. Post when you want to. Post when you feel like you have something that you need to share with the world.

Content that is bashed out in a rush can sometimes be my best work, but it is usually because I am writing about something I feel passionately for. Not because I HAVE to get a post into the blogosphere.

I understand regularity is good for readers (Hi guys 🙂 Soz about how bad I am at this) But remember that you ultimately started this little space on the internet for you! For that girl that loves to write and has a passion for something she wants to share with the world. Make sure you look after her, don’t scare her off – she’s fragile.

Peace and Love xoxo

Laura x



  1. December 22, 2015 / 3:13 pm

    I posted every single day in November (twice on two days!) and I am NOT doing that again. I learned that nobody reads fresh blogs on the weekends, and I couldn’t get egagement on those posts. Monday-Friday is good enough for me, I may even scale back in 2016 to focus more on quality versus quantity.

    • December 22, 2015 / 3:17 pm

      I take my hat off to you, I couldn’t do it! I think people are just inundated with content during these Blogmas/blogtober type crazes that people aren’t getting seen! Also quality is being compromised! Yeah I think just do whatever feels right for you 🙂 I think consistency is important but we shouldn’t beat ourselves up or put pressure on ourselves if we can’t always keep up with this x

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