Bar and beyond launch night…

Is it possible to have a three day hangover? Like seriously, I’m starting to believe that this is a thing.

Friday night marked the launch of Chelmsford’s newest venue. Bar and Beyond is replacing the old Chicagos in town with an exciting new concept which they hope will change night life in Essex and I for one am totally on board!


Chicagos was known for it’s cheesy music, dated décor and banging gay nights! However, with a £875,000 face lift this dingy venue has finally been used to it’s full potential. The creators of Bar and Beyond have given the place a completely new vibe and one which is sure to bring in the crowds. Think Shoreditch meets Essex!

With spray painted walls and hanging light bulbs it just feels way more trendy and cool and you completely loose sight of where you actually are.

Not having been out for 9 weeks due to my operation I got a little over excited in catching up with my friends so I didn’t explore all the hidden gems that bar and beyond had to offer (soz guys but come on give me a break! 9 weeks is like hibernation, I literally became a bear in winter.)

BUT what I did get to see I LOVED! The layout is great and there is SO MUCH seating which, for a gal in an aircast – it doesn’t get much better!

Sorry I’m getting ahead of myself!!

We arrived at the venue around 9.45, I hadn’t actually ventured to this end of town since the closing down of Chicagos 9 weeks previous so I was seeing it all for the first time! The front of the venue had a large smoking area and the whole front window was bright and inviting… filled with bottles of alcohol just calling your name. However, what totally threw me off was that they had moved the entrance to the opposite side (regular Chelmsford goers be warned!)

We entered the venue and were met by a lovely hostess… All the girls were dressed in black skater skirts, white vest tops hosting the bar’s logo and glitter body paint (this made me happy, I mean come on who doesn’t love glitter body paint? Probably them when they get home at like 5am and there’s glitter EVERYWHERE … but you look great girls, so it’s all good!)


Personally for me the décor was on point! It was everything I love! rustic wooden tables and benches, grey concrete flooring, hanging exposed light bulbs … tick tick tick! They even had cinema style chairs which flip up when nobody is sitting on them, like come on! What a stroke of genius… think of all that space saving.

So we were shown to our booth which was basically on the dance floor (result) although, I’m not sure if this is still classed as the dance floor? But that’s what we made it!

Our table was filled with what looked like tin cans but what turned out to be our cups – It’s like they made this place for me cause boy do I love a novelty cup.


Next came the alcohol – not that it was needed on my part – fitted with a giant sparkler, our bucket of spirits arrived, along with our mixers which came in glass bottles/carafes and our fruit which sat neatly on the table in a jar. (glass wear , another big tick from me). We were also informed that this lovely lady was to be our waitress for the evening and we shouldn’t need to hit the bar! Perfect!


I’m not going to lie we did wait a little while for our drinks BUT it was their first night – lets not get all bitchy about it. Practice makes perfect and all that! Also this was totally redeemed with the giant platter of free food we were given to taste!!! Being the savvy drinker that I am, I spent too long getting ready and forgot dinner … well done Laura, that will explain you being white girl wasted and having a three day hangover – you’re a real dream!

Anyway, with an array of burger bites and sausage in buns arriving like a gift sent from God us gals were in our element! The food was delicious and exactly what we needed. I was informed by the waitress that they were serving food till 1am!!!! What the shit! Another stroke of absolute genius … and also a brave move, I’m imagining that whilst cleaning up burger buns off the floor after closing they may regret that decision.

Now aside from the free food (cause nothing makes a girl happier than that!) my absolute favourite part of Bar and Beyond was out the back! I know right, weird… especially as I am not a smoker BUT HELLO, cute little sheds to hang out in??? Why the hell not! It’s like wendy houses for drunk adults YES, Dreams have all come true! Not only this but they also contain blankets for those chilly evenings … I’m sold, where do I sign?!


Now I can’t lie to you, everything beyond this gets a little blurry! The next thing I know I’m waking up in last nights make up, with ketchup in my hair and my phone is nowhere to be seen. – If that’s not the sign of a good night I don’t know what is. (Don’t judge me, I was making up for lost time and made bad choices, we’ve all been there… don’t pretend you haven’t!)

All in all, I had a great night at Bar and Beyond and it is definitely somewhere I will be frequenting! I think my next visit, will be a civilised lunch/dinner to try some more of that yummy food and actually take a proper look around!

Did anyone else attend the launch weekend? What were your thoughts? Let me know if you get a chance to try it out 🙂

Peace and love xoxo

Laura x

N.B. Apologies for the sheer lack of photos and the quality of the one’s I do have … drunk Laura is no good to me! But feel free to check out their instagram here.




  1. December 1, 2015 / 1:51 pm

    Thank you for your wonderful review, we are so pleased you enjoyed your night and look forward to seeing again!

    • December 1, 2015 / 1:52 pm

      Thanks for having us! We will definitely be coming along again 🙂

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