An apple a day keeps the doctor away…

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Lathcoats is a well loved and well respected establishment in Chelmsford, Essex. Many loyal customers spend weekends filling their baskets with fresh locally produced food, having a bite to eat in the delicious cafe, or taking the kids to see the beautiful animals (Daisy the donkey is my favourite – she’s such a babe!)

The farm shop is not only filled with mouthwatering local produce, from chutneys and jams to meats and treats, but they also have the most incredible home grown apples! Their land spans across multiple fields, all filled with fresh fruit just for you…How perfect!!

Saturday marked Lathcoats annual apple day, a day where their local suppliers could come and showcase their wares and what a day to be part of!



My friend and I donned our winter coats and set out on the mild autumnal afternoon to loose our apple day virginity. What we were not prepared for was the sheer mass of people attending the event! We were directed to a nearby field in order to park and nestled ourselves in the orchard. We then took a short walk through the apple trees (having a near miss with some beehives which we thought was cute old furniture) and arrived at Lathcoats.



We wandered around taking in the atmosphere and seeing what was about before getting stuck in. There was definitely a family vibe surrounding the event which was really great, there was plenty to keep the kids amused while the adults decided on their favourite apple flavour or the best meats for their Sunday roast.

Kids could get arty in the craft area, where me and Jenna spent some time picking our favourite clay pieces.

There were donkey rides and archery as well as being able to visit the farms residents.


The event also played on the competitor within through competitions such as apple peeling and the best chutney.

However, the main attraction (for us at least) was the suppliers market which was set up in one of the barns. It reminded me very much of being at a wedding fayre except people were giving me food and gin rather than quotes on photographers (I know what I’d prefer.)


There were so many products to try… it was a taste sensation!! And after helping ourselves to all the free samples we walked away with, vanilla honey, duck pate, fig chutney, vanilla fudge and of course, home made apple juice!

The suppliers were so friendly and you could tell that they were passionate about what they had to offer. This is certainly something that transfers through the shop itself and you can find all of the products from the market in store 5 days a week!

We also took the chance to sample the different apples which Lathcoats had to offer, I personally enjoyed the topaz which is a sour, tangy delight! But not to worry if you missed this tasting as the shop usually has a selection of apples for you to try before you buy … genius!


The whole experience was super chilled and lovely. I always find that food gives me a warm fuzzy feeling and this event definitely had that vibe! If you were unable to attend this years apple day make sure you keep an eye out for the next one, you wont be disappointed. If you did attend, comment below and let me know what you thought:) Are you a regular or was this also your first time?

Keep up to date with Lathcoats via their website or on their instagram page.

Luckily, Jenna and I were able to showcase some of our buys at the cheese and wine party we attended that evening… both the duck pate and fig chutney went down a treat!

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Peace and love xoxo

Laura x



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