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Big exciting news ahoy!!! Soooooooo me and Jon have bought a flat! That’s right we are officially grown ups, marriage and a mortgage – who’d have thunk it.

I’m going to talk more about the whole buying a property saga another time but spoiler alert: most stressful thing ever. I’ve only just lost the twitch in my eye (not even joking.)

Today’s post however, is all about the glorious shop that is Homesense * hallelujah * all the lord praising emoji’s here. Obviously with our exciting news, an invitation to spend the evening at Homesense could not have come at a better time and my home wear senses were well and truly tingling on the walk to Riverside Retail Park last Thursday.

I love home wear, I love interiors, I love the amount of Pinterest boards I have dedicated to this, so you can imagine how excited I am after living in a fully furnished property for 3 years with the oldest most tired furniture ever.

Now my Homesense purchases probably won’t blow you away but I didn’t want to make any big life decisions, like what laundry basket we should have, without Jon present (mainly cause he recently called me selfish for designing our entire flat in my mind and not consulting him on anything – oops). But let me tell you, the things I did get actually excite me SO much… it will soon become clear that I’m almost the wrong side of 25!

For those of you who have never been to Homesense, firstly – have you been living under a rock?! And secondly, it’s basically the TK MAXX home section but on a bigger scale… in fact that’s exactly what it is. There’s so much variety from rugs to actual furniture to trinkets to food. You could literally kit out most of a house with this stuff! And like TK MAXX home it’s all at a discounted rate, I mean some stuff is still a little pricey but it’s a bargain compared to its RRP.

I know you’re all dying to see what I got so here it goes…

The Plate Rack
This is actually what I went searching for as soon as I got in the shop. I am sick of my favourite plate being at the bottom of the pile and having to crash about trying to get at it. Now all of that is in the past as you can grab whatever plate you want with ease – I sound like some weird tv commercial here but trust me it’s a life changer and cost like £5. It even got me doing the washing up as soon as I walked back into the flat cause I wanted to use it asap!


The Wine Rack
I picked this up a couple of times and put it back but I couldn’t get it out my head so I made a last minute dash to grab it before I headed to the till. I mean come on, it’s a copper wine rack – what blogger can go through life without one of these? The only thing that’s slightly annoying is that it has to lay on its side and I kind of wish it was a stand up one but I’ll get over it cause it’s beautiful. Who would have thought that some shaped copper would bring so much joy?! I also have dreams of a zoella style bar cart (if I can find a cart I like that doesn’t cost the earth) and this would go on the bottom tray perfectly 🙂


The Mattress Cover
Me and Jon have been sleeping on a crappy old second hand bed for 3 years now. God knows who has graced that mattress before us but in a fully furnished home you cannot get rid of anything (it’s terribly frustrating.) On Tuesday we headed to Dreams and made our first purchase for the flat – a new bed!!!!! It arrives next Thursday and we are BUZZING! So because beds are bloody expensive I decided to get this mattress cover (which is cheaper than the one they tried to sell me in Dreams – also Dreams is basically next door to Homesense so top tip shop around). It’s hypo-allergenic, waterproof, machine washable… all the things you want it to be to keep that mattress fresh.

Epsom Salts and Lavender Candle
Another thing we’ve done without for 3 years is a bath. No we aren’t smelly little cretins, we had a shower silly.

Getting home from work on a Friday night I literally pine for a long relaxing bath. I go to lush and lust after the bath bombs. Now my friends, now I get to join in on all the bath time fun and I know I’ve said I’m excited like a gazillion times in this post but guess what THIS GIRLS EXCITED!

To mark the occasion I treated myself to a little bag of Epsom salts (there was a huge bag in there for £9.99 which is great but it was heavy so I went for the little one for like £3) and a lavender candle which I plan to use for relaxing evening baths to wind down. I was actually gifted a bag of Epsom salts from Westlab at the #bigbloggerexpo and I left it at my mums (cause she has a bath) and planned to test them out there BUT she used them all before I got a chance lol classic mum! So I have repurchased. I’ve heard great things including its properties for debloat and muscle relaxing (great for after the gym) so I look forward to my first Epsom bath. They can also be used in moon rituals if you’re into that.

So yeah these are my super grown up purchases 🙂 look at me being all practical and stuff. I literally cannot wait to move (on Monday!!!) and I will definitely be hitting up Homesense again, although next time I will take Jon and be like LOOK AT ALL THIS COOL STUFF LET’S GET IT ALL! It’s like a one stop shop for your home needs which I love, ain’t nobody got time for 5 different stores.

Please tell me you love Homesense as much as me so we can be pals, talk about home wear together and share our ever growing interior Pinterest boards!

Homesense very kindly gifted me a voucher for the evening however, I obviously spent more cause it’s me! If you’re a Chelmsfordian like myself get your bums to Riverside Retail Park – you won’t regret it (although your bank balance might haha.)

Peace and love xoxo

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  1. January 31, 2017 / 10:16 pm

    Ahhh i love all of your finds!! So exciting about your new place eeekk!! Was so sad i got stuck in the bloomin’ accident on the a12 so missed the event 🙁
    Will still venture down as i love that shop!

    • January 31, 2017 / 10:42 pm

      I knoooow! How annoying 🙁 you definitely need to go check it out.

      Thanks love 🙂 xx

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