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This is it guys! Time to put away the salad and get stuck into some dreamy gooey carbs. I literally couldn’t be more excited – but Laura you had lasagne for lunch you cant have spag bowl for dinner – but it’s cold?! – Touché you go for it babes.

Yep Autumn is officially here, the weather is getting cooler and it is now totally acceptable to stuff your face with the kind of food that makes your insides melt with love and happiness.

My go to meals, my meals that make my heart smile, are always of the Italian variety. If I’m feeling a bit low all I need to do is go see my mum and she will whip me up a delicious bolognaise that gets me back on track. Food has this wonderful way of healing the worst of days (especially if it’s accompanied by wine.)

SO when I saw Hannah Gale’s instagram post inviting followers to a dinner of dreams (free carbs and prosecco) I couldn’t resist entering. They say you got to be in it to win it so boy am I glad I entered cause I only went and got picked! (No longer that girl in P.E #winning!)

Hannah and Elle (both bloody amazing bloggers fyi) got to pick 5 pals to join them at their Zizzi dinner. We were supplied with super strong cocktails and the perfect setting for a sassy girls night.

Zizzi had literally launched their new menu that day (27/9/16) so we were one of the first to give it a taste and in order to get the full effect, our long table was filled with ALL the dishes so we could try a bit of everything. I felt like a kid at a candy store – which carby cheese babe do I eat first? Can I just shove it all in my face please?! Then a sudden anxious – will this outfit make my food baby look cute or no?!

Now you will know if you have ever been for dinner with a blogger that you cannot just tuck in! Girl gotta get the perfect insta shot so on a table full of bloggers it obviously took some time before we tucked in.


But when we did…. oh sweet heavenly Jesus is was delicious! So let me list here a few of my faves for you guys to go and try ASAP! (Also little tip for my Chelmsford readers – we now have deliveroo…. that deliver Zizzi’s ….. you can literally eat this stuff in your pjs – I KNOW RIGHT! Dreamy AF!)


The Pulled Beef Arancini – Yeah I thought this was a pear too but don’t let the shape deceive you! This little gem was filled with meat, rice and mozerella. What’s not to love? The taste was pretty mild and that gooey texture had all the mmm’s leaving my lips.

Pumpkin and Mozerella Crocchette – I kind of loved this and wasn’t sure about it all at the same time mainly because I’ve never had pumpkin before, so if you have, and you love it this is deffo the starter for you. And I couldn’t really leave the pumpkin dish out of this post could I!? Autumn is basically a giant pumpkin wrapped in golden leaves.

Butterfly King Prawns – yep yep yep yummy prawny goodness. Garlic pesto and wine – literally all my favourite things!


Venetian Duck Ragu – I’ve started with my absolute fave of the entire evening because I need you to know about this as soon as possible so you can drop whatever unimportant thing you are doing and find your nearest Zizzi’s (don’t worry I’ll wait!) ……

I bloody love duck! It’s just so flavoursome and YES! (mega descriptive points here.) I’ll certainly be dreaming about this until we are reunited.

Duck Arrosto – Woo more of the good stuff! This time served on the bone, accompanied by mash and lentil ragu. Again super delicious, the meat just fell off the bone and I’m always game for a bit of mash.

Rustica Pizza Pulled Pork Roma – Ok guys don’t loose your shit but this pizza is covered in pulled pork (amazing) AND CRACKLING!!!!!!! (I know, my mind is just as blown). It shouldn’t work but it totally does. And you know, pizza!


Ultimate Salted Caramel Chocolate Brownie – I wasn’t really feeling in a dessert mood by this point (having stuffed my face with so much starter and main). That was until someone passed me the salted caramel dessert of dreams and all my taste buds wishes came true at once! You HAVE to try this! Sweet, gooey, warm. It’s like a hug for your insides, letting you know that no matter what, you will always have salted caramel brownies. The weirdest thing is, I don’t usually like chocolate brownies but this my friends, this is a game changer!

(Ok this is A tiramisu which I did not try BUT I didn’t get a pic of the brownie soz!)

So who’s coming to mine for a deliveroo Zizzi night in?!?!!

Whether you head into a Zizzi restaurant or you get it delivered to your home, make sure you are surrounded by your fave gal pals (mainly so you can share the food bill guilt.)

Spending the evening with a bunch of people you have never met can be a bit daunting but once the food got going and the skinny prosecco got flowing (oh yeah I forgot to mention… skinny prosecco – half the calories, double the pizza!) it was like we had all been friends for ages, sharing our cringe stories that can only be released after a couple glasses of fizz. (And you know the stories are going to be good with Vix Meldrew on your table!)

A massive thanks again to both Hannah and Elle for being such babeing hosts! And to Zizzi’s for supplying ALL the components needed for the perfect girls night!

Let me know when you try the duck ragu please guys so we can lust after it together!!!!

You can find all of the above plus more on the new menu here: Zizzi’s AW16 Menu

Peace and Love xoxo


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