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It feels like an absolute lifetime ago that I was invited to try some new dishes at Yo! Sushi …. I mean I’m practically a different person now! (Well I have a different name at least but more on that to come soon.)

I’ve not always been a fan of sushi, in fact the thought of it used to make me want to vom in my mouth but I was a sheltered individual, food wise anyway! I stuck to my bland, beige basics and that was me.

Let’s just say I’m soooo glad that I became more adventurous cause boy was I missing out on some sweet sweet food delights.

So about 3 weeks ago I headed to yo sushi in Chelmsford for the second time ever with a friend of mine. I’d been invited to try the new poke dishes on the menu as well as sample a couple of signature cocktails. Yep Yo! Sushi does cocktails, well the Chelmsford one does, in fact they’re the only one, so make sure you check that one out if you decide to go to any!

Out of the 4 poke dishes available we sampled 2, one meat (chicken) and one fish (salmon). Personally I preferred the chicken one cause you can’t beat a bit of chicken really can you.

Not realising how filling these dishes would be we decided to order an array of other menu items, which in hindsight was NOT needed (but welcomed none the less)! The poke bowls are a pretty hefty portion in themselves, they could definitely do you for lunch and with Yo! Sushi’s take away option you can either sit in or grab and dash back to the office! (We have also been teased with the idea that a cheeky delivery service may become available once the John Lewis complex is open…. That’s right guys and gals, Deliveroo is coming to Chelmsford! What next Uber????)

Anyway back to food…. The poke dishes were filled with so much flavour (although I took the ginger strips out of mine ’cause I made the mistake of eating one of those before and was NOT a fan!) They aren’t stingy on the ingredients they give you, especially the rice – so much rice!!! And aside from this they actually look exactly like the pictures which I think is pretty rare in the food industry.

The other menu items we ordered were Soft shell crab tempura, Tuna sushi rolls and Ebi fry curry (prawn katsu)…. I have to say the crab was definitely my fave!

Then for dessert, the ice cream mochi’s and the less I say about these the better because they were not for me! (My friend on the other hand really enjoyed them so don’t rule them out purely on my opinion.) These new dessert balls were creamy in the middle and squidgy on the outside… I just could not get my head around the layer of rice stuff on the outside so yeah maybe it’s your thing maybe it’s not! (Flavours are mango, salted caramel, sesame seed and coconut.)

Now cocktails! I actually visited Yo! Sushi on my first day off of the 2 weeks I took to get married so I was totally in the celebratory mood! There are 3 cocktails on the menu and we tried 2 – the mojito which was actually delicious! I’m always skeptical of a mojito because although it’s pretty easy to make its not easy to make well! The second cocktail I forget the name of but was essentially kiwi and prosecco and it looked great!!! Got to love those insta worthy cocktails eh!? It helped that it tasted fab too, so fresh and fruity without being too much.

During our visit we got to speak to the manager quite a bit and it was instantly easy to see how passionate he was about the brand. He seemed like a pretty enthusiastic and creative guy so keep an eye out on the Chelmsford branch ’cause I vision all sorts going on here! I believe they even had a live music night for the V festival weekend.

We were also informed of the teaching side of things…. I’m sure you’re all aware of the cocktail master classes you can go to but here they offer sushi making classes! Perfect for those who don’t drink OR big sushi lovers! There are also classes available for kids using only vegetables and of course, no sharp objects! The manager is looking to get into schools to promote this little ninja initiative which I think is great! We need to teach our younger generation how to prepare good fresh food so if you have any mini ninjas yourself deffo get them signed up!

Overall I’m really impressed with Yo! Sushi in Chelmsford. To me Yo! Sushi always seemed, from the outside, to be an in and out no personality kind of place due to the conveyor belt sending all your dishes round but I couldn’t have been more wrong. On my two visits I’ve had a great experience and will definitely be heading back at some point!

Do you have a Yo! Sushi near you? Have you tried the new poke dishes? Let me know what you think!!!!

If you want to check out their website you can do so here: YO! SUSHI

Peace and Love xoxo

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