Stampede at Intu Lakeside…

Last Wednesday saw me doing that thing women are supposed to be real good at…. Multitasking!

With my mother dear in tow we headed to Lakeside in Essex for two reasons… 1. To find my mum a cracking wedding outfit and 2. To try out the newest addition to the food court – Stampede!

I’d looked up the menu to Stampede weeks previous in anticipation and had been dreaming of succulent burgers dripping with cheese. But first things first we needed to get that outfit, no use trying dresses on with a food baby amiright?!

Luckily for us we were on some kind of crazy amazing roll and we literally kept stumbling upon the perfect items! The dress, the shoes, the bag! So we were more than ready for a celebratory lunch when 1 o’clock came around.

Stampede is probably the first stand you see when entering the food court, nestled to the right of the escalator. This is mainly because it’s brightly coloured, pumping music and has a giant bull out the front. It seems to be the only place with any kind of atmosphere which I loved! We were served by a super friendly, helpful guy (unfortunately I didn’t catch his name!) the only difficult part was deciding what to have!

Considering the wedding is only a month away now, I opted for a light weight burger (instantly regretting my decision when I saw my mums middleweight burger come out!) we went for two sides, sweet potato fries and onion strings and I got a vanilla milkshake ’cause hump day!

Carrying the tray to the table, people were literally staring at me with that goggle eyed food envy only the sweet smell of something delicious can bring on! I can’t lie to you, the smell was incredible, I was jealous of myself! The ladies on the table next to us exclaimed how gutted they were that they’d opted for a jacket potato! I’d be gutted too guys!

I hadn’t had any breakfast in prep for this feast but I wasn’t really prepared for how much food there would actually be! The sides come in such large portions that one is deffo enough to share between two! And I would 100% recommend the onion strings LORD HAVE MERCY I could have cried at this crispy little bowl of heaven!

The burgers were so juicy and dripping in cheese, just like I’d dreamed! (Although not easy to eat and keep your feminine mystique, but come on, who gives a crap just get that burger in my mouth stat!) of course we also added bacon, cause bacon!

Oh and let’s not forget the milkshake… Literally like melted ice cream, just the way I like it and my mum revelled in scooping up the cream once I’d finished!

Safe to say there were two very happy tummies in that food court on Wednesday! Totally defeated by the sheer mass of what we had eaten, the food coma set in! Sweet, delicious, worthy food coma… I was ready for a nap.

I was also so full that I didn’t even have dinner that night, that meal literally set me up for the entire day!

If you happen to be passing through lakeside anytime soon and you are partial to a humble burger…. Do not leave without heading to Stampede, you will regret it!

Let me know if you give it a try and tag me in your food porn pics on insta! (@lifebylaurax)

Peace and love xoxo

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