Limitless Tuesday’s at Sway… 

Ok a little warning before we get going guys….. Do not read this post if you’re hungry or on a diet! (Pizza porn commencing)


So I was recently contacted by the lovely people at Sway, a bar and restaurant in Holborn, to come and try out their new offer. Limitless Tuesday’s. Anything starting with the word limitless is great, but what exactly does this mean? Well my friends, what it means is unlimited prosecco AND PIZZA for 90mins! Yep you heard right, Prosecco…… and pizza – Limitless. Unlimited pizza and prosecco! It’s like all my dreams had come true!

To say I was disappointed with limitless Tuesday’s…. WOULD BE A BIG FAT LIE! I mean who in their right mind is going to be disappointed by this, come on guys!

Ok so we got to Sway (a venue we had both actually visited years previous for a friends 18th) and was shown to our booth in the cocktail bar. Apparently this is usually done in the restaurant but that was booked out for some kind of charity auction. We were more than happy in the bar though, the vibe was chilled, the decor was great and they had press for service buttons on the wall!


Our waiter was called Alistair (not Alison which is what I thought he said!) and he explained to us how the deal works. Basically you order a pizza, when your almost done with that pizza they will come ask you what one you want next and they keep doing that till your done/your time runs out! Same with the prosecco! Lord have mercy this must be what heaven is like.


We ordered our first pizza and waited for what seemed like forever till it arrived; but our pizza was delivered with a welcomed message, “Since it took so long we are starting your time again!” Wow! At the time we thought Alastair was the best person ever we were like yes my friend you are our kind of waiter….. In hindsight he was probably the devil, as having our time extended allowed us to get through 4 bottles of prosecco and 3 pizzas! On a Tuesday! Yep, by the end of our session there had been more pizza and prosecco than people! Safe to say I’m currently nursing day two of the worst hangover in the history of life! How I managed to get to work yesterday was nothing short of a miracle.


(Pizza 1 – Chicken, Chorizo, Roquette, Chimichurri. Pizza 2 – Artichoke, parma ham, sundried tomato, parmesan, buffalo mozzarella. Pizza 3 – chorizo, coppa, smoked bacon, gordal olives.)

BUT it was so worth it! Me and my bestie had THE BEST NIGHT! ‘Cause the venue was so chill and pretty quiet we were able to just chat for hours, and laugh….. So much laughing. Oh and let’s not forget all the snapchat filter loving. Basically we had the time of our lives! Both of us came away on such a high and with some great memories.


The prosecco was tasty and fresh and the pizzas were mouth-wateringly delicious, seriously I’ve been thinking about them ever since! (I could have gone for number 4 not guna lie.)

At just £22 a head it was definitely reasonable! (Especially when you work out your bill should have come to around £160! Eek!) I’d say that was a bloody bargain don’t you?!

Sways limitless Tuesday’s were a grand success, definitely something I would consider again. (Although next time maybe I don’t take it as some sort of challenge that puts me on the verge of vomming for two days after!)


To book yourself this little treat you can contact the venue on any of their social media or give them a call 🙂 – And if you are anything like me I would deffo consider booking that Wednesday off work to, you know, eat your weight in carbs and sleep for hours.

Website –




Phone number – 020 74046114

Let me know if you go check it out, and drink responsibly kids!

Peace and love xoxo

** please see disclaimer.


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