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Chelmsford is so up and coming right now and I could not be more proud of my little city! The new Bond Street complex is looking absolutely amazing filled with beautiful looking store fronts, a super handy John Lewis and a multitude of new restaurants.

Tuesday night, my focus was on the restaurants and in particular the #VIPnight hosted by ASK Italian. I mean you’re probably all aware by now but if not I’ll reiterate for you….. I bloody love Italian food! I mean I love food in general, but Italian…. That’s my true love!!!

Walking up to ASK Italian on the dark wintery Tuesday I was greeted with twinkling fairy lights and the cutest court yard sporting fur blankets! (Already a winner for me). I approached the front door, was handed a glass of prosecco and shown to my seat.

The décor of the new restaurant is fab! So up my street – the perfect mix of industrial and rustic! Think wood, hanging plants, tiles and exposed lights! I am SO into interiors at the moment (Pinterest inspo here) so this was pure delight for me!


Once my friend had arrived, we were treated to a shot of real lemonade…. At first this confused me but once I took a sip I didn’t care why it was given to me, I was just happy that it was! So lemony, zingy and fresh! I’m a bit obsessed with San Pellegrino lemon cans at the moment and it was a bit like a still version of this so my taste buds were in their element already!

Next up the mixed platter – meat, bread and cheese. I mean what’s not to love??! I’m not a huge bread person but I could have eaten an entire loaf of this stuff, and when it’s still warm Mmmm! warm carbs are 100% the one! Especially in winter. Although my favourite part of the platter had to be the hard cheese – shocker I know!

With our tummies well and truly prepped and a bottle of red ordered it was time to consider mains! I’d gone in with the full intention of having a pizza, I then hovered over the lasagne (my go to at an Italian restaurant) but instead settled on something totally different. I ordered the Rigatoni Al Manzo Piccante and it was exactly what I needed! Warm carby meaty cheese! A flavoursome little hug for the ole gut! My friend went for the Pollo Piccante Con Pancetta pizza and loved that too! I tried some and it was definitely as good as it looked! (Although a little chilli at the end had her ordering a glass of milk to get over the burn LOLZ the staff were super accommodating, if not a little confused at the order!)

Now I cannot gloss over the red wine we ordered, whilst the wine itself went down a treat it was actually the glass wear that got me all kinds of excited! I’ve literally never seen glasses like it and I’m in love!!!! In fact all the crockery impressed me that night! The marble platter server with the plates underneath, the fab wine glasses and the marble dessert dishes. (What has my life come to that this is what excites me?!! #oldlady)

And because all that food was not enough, we just had to order dessert! But considering it was my favourite thing of the whole night, I’m glad we did! Now my friend Lottie kindly and graciously agreed to try the new giant profiterole for me (cause I don’t like profiteroles – I know, don’t lynch me!) isn’t she the best haha! This badass dessert is part of the Christmas menu which launched on Tuesday. It was so gooey and #foodporn – if profiteroles are your thing, you simply cannot go home without trying it. I on the other hand opted for the honeycomb cheesecake and OH MY LIFE I can die happy! The flavours were beyond perfect and it was 110% the best cheesecake I’ve ever put in my mouth! We seriously discussed going back to ASK Italian purely for a dessert date!


Aside from the food and drinks being awesome there was just a really lovely atmosphere in the restaurant. The staff were great, especially Mary our waitress who checked to make sure we were ok without being annoying or pushy and was super smiley – top customer service Mary!

All in all a great night! A lovely catch up with my pal and a happy tummy for Laura! I will definitely be heading back here, mainly to stare more and the beaut interiors and stuff my face with honeycomb cheesecake – oh jeez I can’t wait – who’s taking me for dinner???

ASK Italian have created 3 options for you this Christmas so whether you’ve spent all your money on Christmas presents and you’re feeling the 2 course quick fix lunch or you want to go all out with the Super Festivo menu (exclusive dishes and drink included) then there will be something for you!

Find out more and book a table below 🙂

Twitter: @ASKItalian


Instagram: @askitalian

Peace and love xoxo

** Please see disclaimer. Also the few glossy pics in here were sent over to me and taken by the lovely event photographer.


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