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Those of you who have read my blog before will know that I like to support local businesses! It gives you a sense of pride and well being and helps people in your community grow… what’s not to like! Let’s just say I get way more out of going to the local farm shop than I do going to Tesco!

Anyway … I digress!

Today my friend Lottie and I decided to go check out a local delicatessen, Abigail’s in Ingatestone, a quaint little place named after the owners wife. The store was having a taster day which meant a whole host of bite sized freebies to get stuck into and MY GOD we were not disappointed.


Not only do you get a better experience going local… it’s more personable and way cuter but HELLO it’s also super tasty!!! It’s like it was made with love and kindness rather than money and greed! (political Laura seems to be out in full force today soz guys… it must be all that community spirit going to my head.)


Abigail’s was absolutely stunning, very country which is perfect for this time of year! These ceramic wall vases were the first things to catch my eye and I cannot deny that I am completely IN LOVE with them!

IMG_6240 IMG_6243

IMG_6242 IMG_6241

A decadent start to our visit with these little treats laid across the windowsill… my favourite was the fudge!!

IMG_6244 IMG_6245

 Then we moved a long to the cake … seriously who doesn’t love cake?? I literally don’t think I have met one person!

IMG_6246 IMG_6247

Everything was set out so beautifully … I would kill for kitchen cupboards like this! Especially if they were filled with all this delicious local produce.


I think we all need to take a moment to appreciate these plates…  how amazing are these!!! Get me those cheese ones ASAP!

IMG_6253 IMG_6254

Next up biscuits and cheese twists … I am a sucker for a savory snack and I can confirm that these were as good as they look!

IMG_6249 IMG_6248


Breakfast is here! This granola packaging is absolutely adorable and very festive! But the honey OH LORD the honey is good! I recently bought some of this from Lathcoats Farm on their annual apple day (see post here). I confess that I have never been a fan of honey but I am a total convert, this brand is so so yummy… I opted for the vanilla one!


OMG CHEESE!!! This Cheddar was an absolute mouthgasm … so much so that I have inquired about a 6ft cheese board for my wedding. I could cry with joy just thinking about it!

IMG_6257 IMG_6256

Time for some meat and I can totally vouch for these tasty sausage rolls … we had the festive Stilton and walnut versions.

An absolutely perfect start to my Saturday, I mean seriously what more could a girl ask for!?

What really stood out to me about this place was Phil the owner and how passionate and knowledgeable he was about his products. You can tell that a lot of love and care goes into this family run business and it shines through to the finished product! From the decor to the staff to the actual products themselves… everything was on point! And every customer had a smile on their face… I mean if that isn’t a good sign I don’t know what is!

After talking to a couple of people in the deli we came to find that Phil’s wife (Abigail) actually owned a lifestyle store directly opposite! HOW BLOODY CUTE ARE THESE GUYS! #GOALS!

Me and Lottie took a wander to see what was on offer and WOW what a gorgeous shop!


If I didn’t feel christmassy before I definitely do now!! The whole place was filled with festive joy!!

IMG_6260 IMG_6264

They even catered for my little Lola …


Not only did they stock the most amazing products but the store smelt DIVINE! With a large selection of candles and scented oils … a bloggers haven in little old Ingatestone and one I will definitely be visiting again!

IMG_6261 IMG_6262


I absolutely love getting out into the community and finding gems like this! If you are ever in Essex be sure to head to Ingatestone and pay these guys a visit! They also have the cutest sausage dog called Badger who spends most of his time curled up under a blanket in the lifestyle store! (I know right it’s getting to be perfection overload!)


After Lottie devoured her Abigail’s sandwhich in the car we headed to the White Heart Inn located in Margaretting Tye to chat and chill … I mention this because never have I ever been to a pub that has a cat!


This little babe is called dropkick – mainly because people get annoyed by her. Poor kitty! I found this whole pub cat concept absolutely baffling but also kind of the best thing ever!


And what better way to end our trip than a bowl of sweet potato fries smothered in lashings of ketchup! MMMmmmmmMMMmmmm.

Let me know if you get a chance to check any of these places out! I want to hear all about what you bought.

Peace and love xoxo

Laura x



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