To cleanse or not to cleanse…

So I have been contacted by a lovely lady who works for Forever Living asking if I would like to try their cleanse 9 programme. My initial thoughts were: Hell NO! Have you seen me without food?! I think these juice/shake cleanses are ridiculous and super unhealthy! I’ve always been dead against these and did not want to look like a hypocrite.

Then I actually stopped and listened to what she had to say and my thoughts were: oh! I didn’t realise that? Ok it’s not as bad as I thought.

So now here I am contemplating doing this 9 day cleanse.

What Is the cleanse?

This is not a “quick fix diet” in fact it’s primary purpose is not to make you loose weight; that just happens to be an added bonus (one I think we can all get on board with!) The cleanse is built around the aloe vera drinking gel (which tastes like crap) but has great benefits for your body, helping to cleanse your dietary tract and boost your immune system (all big ticks so far). The gel contains 75 vitamins and minerals to make you feel all sassy and like you can conquer the world. It also helps you to absorb all the good stuff!

In the cleanse kit you get:

2 x 1 litre bottles of forever aloe vera gel

1 x forever lite ultra

1 x forever therm (18 tablets)

1 x forever garcinia (54 softgels)

1 x forever fibre (9 packets)

1 x shaker

1 x tape measure

information booklet.


Throughout the 9 days you take a concoction of the above at various times throughout the day. However, for the first two days you can only accompany this with foods from the “free list” which can be found in the booklet and is a mixture of fruits and vegetables.

days 3 – 8 you introduce a 600 calorie meal for which there are examples and day 9 sees you introduce a further 300 calorie meal.

You are also encouraged to exercise for 30 mins each morning during the cleanse although days 1 and 2 would be lighter due to less calories being consumed.

Why I believe this is different to other “cleanses”

This does not seem like an unhealthy meal substitution to me, it seems like a kick start to a healthier outlook on your diet and a way to rid your body of all the crap previously consumed. There is not one day where they tell you not to eat anything and living on fruit and veg for two days is not going to kill you, it will actually be really beneficial to your body – I mean have you seen vegans? I cant speak for them all but their body fat percentage is like nothing compared to the rest of us so taking a leaf out of their book for a couple of days may be worth while in the long run.

I’ve also had it confirmed that you won’t be on the toilet the whole time like other “cleanses” on the market. (although you may need to pee more given the amount of water in encourages you to drink!)

Why I want to do it

It’s no secret that me and my skin don’t have the best relationship. I tend to her, care for her, try my best to make her feel beautiful and she gets angry and erupts. This cleanse could really help my skin and I see eye to eye once more. Ridding my body of toxins and allowing her to flourish in her former beauty. (tbh with 7 month till the wedding I am literally willing to try ANYTHING right now!)

I also feel like my insides could do with a little reboot, especially after all the crap I’ve consumed since my operation.

Another big reason is the hope that it will influence my relationship with food. I am hoping that it will help to curb my massive portion intake and train my stomach to consume less calories than the 7billion per day it currently has. I also feel like its a good challenge, one where I can test the ‘ole willpower, see how that baby’s been doing since the engagement party when she helped me get all toned. I’d like her to be the friend that sticks around, the one you can call at 3am after a night out to knock the cheesy chips out of your hands.

I have done ALOT of research into this and the positive reviews definitely outweigh any bad comments I have seen, people have spoke about how much energy it gave them and also how their hair became more glossy and nails became stronger. This in itself is reason enough!

I will not be giving the cleanse a go just yet as I have an exciting opportunity regarding my skin in the pipeline which I will be giving a try first but I am definitely considering it for the future!

If any of you have tried this before I would love to hear your thoughts on how you got on!! Leave me a comment or give me a tweet. Or If you are interested in giving it a go for yourself click here. (facebook page here)

Peace and love xoxo


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