Pretty Muddy Essex – Race for life


On Saturday me and my friend Kareen took part in the first “Pretty Muddy Essex” event. I’m always looking up things to do, new things to try out and ways to get a bit of good karma! So when I stumbled across this event it seemed like the perfect thing to do to accomplish all of my goals. Now I’m not the fittest of people but I’ve done a race for life before and I’m still here so I thought why the hell not. The thing is this event was a race for life with a difference… there were obstacles throughout the 5K walk run, and they wouldn’t disclose what they were till the day, all you knew was … you will get muddy!untitledSo in preparation for this event we had a strict exercise regime! This consisted of… quitting the gym and eating tons of cake! OOPS!

The main goal of the event was to raise as much money and awareness for cancer research UK as possible! Personally I think that it is a fantastic cause and I do what I can to support it. Everyone is affected in some way by Cancer, whether it be through having the disease themselves, knowing someone who does, or supporting someone who has a loved one with it. Unfortunately I have known a lot of people in my life affected by Cancer, some who have pulled through and others who were not so lucky! I do these events for all of those people, but mainly I do it for my Gran who lost her battle with Cancer, she was hilariously sarcastic and great fun! For those of you who are interested in donating towards the cause my fundraising page is still open.


So race day arrived! We turned up to a park in Basildon equipped with a change of clothes, some bin bags and an inhaler, we were in the third wave which meant two groups of racers went before us. Upon seeing the first few people come across the finish line I started to feel better about the race, they looked fine and only slightly muddy. An overconfidence came over me and I thought “this will be a piece of cake” which is ironically the reason why it was not!

There were 10 obstacles to overcome!

These were:

  1. Climb over hay bails
  2. Run through tyres
  3. Climb over a wall into a muddy pit
  4. Climb up, over and down a rope wall
  5. Climb through a criss cross of ropes
  6. Climb though a muddy tunnel
  7. Crawl under 3 muddy nets
  8. Do press ups, squats, lunges, sit ups, planks and standing sprints as directed by bootcamp instructors
  9. Crawl under 3 ropes in a sloppy pool of mud
  10. Run through while getting hosed, climb over a hay bail and jump in a pool of mud!


And finally it was done! As tiring as it was I can’t deny that I had a great day, it was lot’s of fun and I would definitely recommend it. Get a group of girls together and help each other through the obstacles cause, let’s face it an experience is better when it’s shared! Not only is it a great work out and helps a great cause but there is also a whole heap of empowering women music being pumped around the course that will leave you feeling fantastic about yourself!

“Who run the world?! GIRLS!”


Laura X


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