Hula hoop fun….

I’m sure we’ve all hula hooped at one point in our lives, probably at school with those primary coloured babes. I know I would get super excited when they came out… Except they would usually get put on the floor and we’d be made to jump from one circle to another!? Errrrm that’s not what they’re for, stop neglecting their purpose!

And then there was that time I got my own hoop. I absolutely loved it and wanted to take it everywhere with me, so I took it to my aunties and accidentally left it there. My mum then generously decided to gift it to my cousin cause, after playing with it herself, she loved it too. I was devo …. Still not forgiven her! (That and for the Daisy outfit she gave to another cousin of mine!… I sense a theme here.)

Anyway, hula hoops…. If you follow me on insta you may have seen various videos and pics of me and my hoopy love. Circles are so much fun 🙂

 After visiting the London health show, and meeting a lovely lady from hula fit I decided I needed to give this a go. I’d also just become part of the social committee at work so it was perfect timing! I ended up arranging for hula fit classes to take place on Tuesday lunchtimes at my office and the response has been amazing!!!

So how does hula hooping become a fitness trend?? Well you try swinging a 1.2kg circle from your waist for 45 mins and tell me how you feel…. The answer will probably be bruised!

But the classes aren’t just hooping round your waist, that would be way too easy (for some) instead try hooping round your waist whilst doing squats, lunges, jumping, twerking, limboing. Swing the hoop above your head for burning arms and switch to lighter hoops for some fun tricks.



This class really is a full body work out but it’s also super fun! Don’t take my word for it though, here are some comments I received from my colleagues who attended the class….

“This was an absolutely wonderful course in all respects – please may it continue!  It is a great fitness course, especially for someone like me who commutes nearly 4 hrs every day and has no time for exercise at home.  It was also so much fun – I really enjoyed it!  Please please please can we bring it back!

Thank you for organising the Hula Fit! I would love to carry it on if possible 🙂 Shakira was a great instructor and made it really fun

A big Thank you from me too.  I’m really surprised how quickly we have all improved and it would be great to continue. I suspect there are not too many sports where you can get fit and laugh at the same time. It has been terrific.

Was utterly inspired by the one class I did, so much so I bought my own hula hoop.

I thoroughly enjoyed the last few weeks, it was good fun and there are not many exercise classes you can work out and have a good laugh at the same time!!  I do not exercise at all but have bought my own hoop now and would love to continue these classes if at all possible.


My advice to you is find one of these classes and give it a go! I’m not being sponsored to say this, I’ve genuinely enjoyed the classes myself and the responses I’ve had speak for themselves!

If you can’t find a class near you or can’t afford another outgoing expense I totally recommend buying yourself a hoop! I prefer the light polypro kind so you can learn all sorts of fun tricks (YouTube is your friend) or if you’re more into the fitness element you can pick up a weighted hoop from Argos! (Although I have to say even the non weighted hoops can give you an amazing workout!)

Let me know if you try out a class or just a hoopy session in general! Maybe you could organise some sessions for your workplace too! Or if you’ve been to a class before , let me know what you thought!?

For those of you local to Chelmsford, a group of us usually meet in Central Park at the weekends to hoop and do other fun circus style skills including slack lining and poi’s, come say hi and maybe learn something new 🙂


Peace and love xoxo


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