Gym motivation…

Personally the biggest thing that stops me going to the gym is motivation, whose with me on this? Like once you’re there it’s fine, you enter beast mode and smash your work out, but getting to the gym in the first place, that’s the tough part!

Luckily for me I’ve recently had enough motivation for a small family and am currently waiting to burn out and not go again for like a month LOL joke (I hope!) I know it’s not good to push yourself too much but I’m all for using the motivation while it’s there!

So what is my motivation at the moment I hear you ask? This is a two fold answer:

1. Fitting into my wedding dress!

When I originally tried my dress on in May last year it fit perfectly and by that I mean, there was no room for error!! A couple of weeks ago I tried it on again and there was only one word to describe it…. TIGHT!!! The dress lady looked at me and was basically like don’t worry you have time but get a grip … Fab!

Turns out sitting around eating copious amount of cheese and chocolate WILL make you pile on the pounds, who knew? So in a bid to be that beautiful bride who actually fits into her dress I’m going all in!

This kind of motivation is great cause you have a goal and a time frame. I had something similar on the run up to my engagement party which was in February last year, I basically spent the entire January in the gym and I did not have one single snack – but it worked! I looked great (if I do say so myself).

This time around I’m not looking to loose tonnes of weight, mainly just tone up (a lot) which brings me to my next motivation…

2. Heidi Somers (buff bunny)

I stumbled across Heidi on Instagram like a week ago and have become a little obsessed (not in a weird way!!) but I can’t stop watching her YouTube videos, they motivate me to get to the gym and reach my goals. I struggle a lot at the weekends and this Saturday I was laying in bed watching one of her videos and was suddenly like what am I doing?? Get up and go to the gym! So I did!

Not only does she motivate me to get to the gym she’s also teaching me a lot, how best to get things done, what work outs to do, what to eat etc and it’s been really helpful. It’s like having a free personal trainer!

At the moment Heidi is the background on my phone (mainly because I can’t put a picture of my dress there in case people see it). When I see the picture it reminds me of my goals and gives me the determination to carry on! (I highly recommend checking out her videos if you haven’t already)

Ok I know I said my answer was two fold but I have one more …. Results!

Nothing motivates you more than seeing and feeling a difference in yourself. You finally fit nicely into that skirt that’s been too tight, abs are slowly starting to form, you feel more energised throughout the day. All of these things will give you a massive boost and help you to carry on.

I personally like to record my results, I keep a food and exercise spreadsheet so I know exactly what I’ve been doing, I also take before and after pics and use the bodytrax machine at my gym (Virgin active). This machine measures your weight, fat mass, muscle mass, water mass, it tells you your bmi and your metabolic age… It’s a really great way to track your progress. While a scale may tell you that you’ve put on a few pounds the bodytrax will tell you whether that was fat or muscle! It gives you a much healthier outlook on your weight in general.

While I do track my weight etc my main motivation is how I feel and how my clothes fit. At the moment I have way more energy and my clothes are fitting nicely and that’s all I can ask for right now.

Also make sure you work out at a time that suits you! Find out when you have the most energy and are more up for it. No point trying to drag yourself to the gym in the morning when you’re better in the evening because your likely to fail and stay in bed. I like to go to the gym on my lunch break, it gives me some time out of the office, without my phone, without any responsibilities to concentrate on me, how I’m feeling and what I want.

Remember to set sustainable, achievable goals so as not to set yourself up for failure. Don’t judge yourself against anyone else, be in competition with yourself only… Always try and beat your own personal best.


Peace and Love xoxo



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