Cheese is my drug

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my names laura and I’m a cheeseaholic. Specifically a cheddaraholic in case you were wondering.

I previously wrote a post about going dairy free and this came after many years of people telling me it would help my skin and crescendoed after I went for a kinesiology appointment.

Kinesiology is an alternative holistic therapy which promises to provide you with the foods you show an intolerance to. It was a bizarre process but one I respect and do believe has some truth behind it. Of course my results showed an intolerance to cows milk and gluten and I also showed signs of candida… none of this came as a surprise to me! I’m not silly and I do know my own body. I know when I eat gluten, dairy and sugar I feel like crap, my skin is worse, I’m bloated, I get wind, I KNOW all of this deep down, I just never wanted to BELIEVE it!

I love cheese I love pasta I love sugary sweets! Not only this but I often air on the side of lazy slob and these are quick go to meals or pick me ups. But this was the one thing I hadn’t properly tried yet in terms of helping my skin out so I thought I would give it a go.

I gave up dairy and cut down on gluten. The sugar thing I carried on ignoring.

I would really like to say it was a breeze but guys… it was bloody tough! I craved cheese constantly and whilst it did get a little easier, it never became easy. I honestly felt like a crack addict, I knew I had to go cold turkey because one little taste would have me off the wagon again.

BUT one big resounding positive is that it definitely helped my skin! I mean it wasn’t perfect but it was a million times better! It also stopped my wind (lol soz tmi) which Jon really appreciated! I was less bloated and just generally felt better. However, as I mentioned before I didn’t give up sugar and I think if I’d gone all in I would have seen more results.

So I went about 3 months being completely dairy free with a couple of accidental slip ups but nothing major. I then had a follow up kinesiology app and she reminded me that I was in fact only intolerant to cows milk and could therefore introduce things like buffalo mozerella and feta back into my diet. She said that it’s all about balance and I shouldn’t deprive myself of everything because this is not a diet, this is a change in eating habits that should be sustainable forever. I’m not restricting myself I’m cutting out what doesn’t agree with me.

So I started adding some bits back in here and there… mainly pizza. Then I started slipping up more and more… then I went to Italy and one month later I’m well and truly back on the cheddar train wooo wooo!!


But as expected, my skins got worse, I get wind, I feel bloated and sluggish and this has basically cemented to me that it was working and I needed to trust the process (although who is going to go to Italy and not have cheese come on!) SO my new plan of action is to finish the cheese I have at home and then try get back on track. It’s going to be tough and it’s going to be like starting all over again but I need to try!

I have this horrible habit of being all or nothing and I’m really struggling to find a sustainable balance.

I would like to have a proper medical food intolerance test at some point as well to see if it matches up with the kinesiology results so if you know of any good places/deals let me know!

And any hints and tips you have for cutting dairy out (again) send them my way 🙂

Peace and love xoxo


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