Changing my mindset

A bold statement considering this only happened last night but what is blogging if not reactive eh?!

Last night I watched “What The Health” on Netlfix and its blown my mind. I mean the stuff they were saying wasn’t exactly brand new information, it’s niggling away at us subconsciously and for the most part we chose to ignore it but when it’s all laid out in front of you, there’s nowhere to hide!

The main thing I took away from the documentary is how much it REALLY made me want to be vegan.

I’m just worried that my willpower isn’t up to the task. Mainly, if I’m completely honest, because I’m lazy. I know this is a terrible excuse but I can just see it unfold in front of me … I’ll do really well and then fall into a slump where I don’t prep anything and grab the nearest easiest thing. I’ll go out and feel pressured into eating “normally” cause I don’t want to be awkward – it’s madness!

People look at you differently when you say you want to be vegan but is it REALLY that strange? Surely it’s crazier to want to eat animals and products that were never designed for human consumption?

Having jumped back on the dairy train my body has not reacted kindly! My face keeps swelling up and it feels a lot like I’ve got a golf ball living in there (although admittedly it does feel worse than it looks from the outside). Watching What The Health made me realise why my body is reacting this way – it’s trying to fight off and attack what shouldn’t be there!

I would like to live a long and healthy life. I want to have energy and motivation rather than being the sluggish lazy oaf I am right now and I know this is the way to do that. Who knows if I’ll last an hour, a day, a month, a year but right now, right this second, vegan is my aim.

I have morals, I love animals, I want to live in an environment that grows and flourishes, so why am I not living in a way that will help this happen?

I think to truly change your lifestyle in this way you have to stop seeing it as a chore or something you are being forced to do. Instead you have to view it as something you want to do, something you’re ready for, something you need!

Being on a vegan diet you are able to get all the nutrients you need so that’s one excuse ticked off the list. People try to scaremonger you into thinking otherwise but the only thing you may need to top up with supplements or nutritional yeast is your B12! We just have to look to the animal kingdom for proof of this; some of the biggest strongest animals in the wild are herbivores.

The other part of What The Health that’s motivating me is seeing, what I guess you would call, the “conspiracy theory” side of the documentary. Big health charities and organisations promoting food proven to cause diseases because they’re being sponsored by the companies that make such food. The fact that we live in a world where we put money before health is a little terrifying to be honest. Wouldn’t it be great if we were given honest information. These corporations know that this food is bad for us but the more we eat, the more we pay for medication and treatments when it finally makes us sick and the more money goes back into the system. It’s a viscous cycle, none of which benefits us.

Now I’m not preaching here, I’m not saying that everyone should be vegan, we all have freedom of choice. What I am saying however is that we should at least be given the correct information in order to make these decisions.

Will things change? I hope so! How long will it take? Probably past our time but as people are finding their own voices and research is growing we are becoming more and more educated in how the world REALLY works.

I HIGHLY recommend watching What The Health, even just to educate yourself on the subject. Whether you decide to make any changes after viewing is totally up to you but I have to say, the whole thing made me a tad emosh.

So wish me luck! I hope I’m not putting this out there to instantly fail but I’m only human so please don’t judge. We all need time to come to certain realisations and we may fail on countless occasions before we actually get there! Don’t let it get you down, just try again when you’re ready.

Peace and love xoxo



  1. September 19, 2017 / 9:26 am

    Good for you Laura!!! This seems worlds apart from the time you giggled at me as you stuck a chewy sweet in your mouth when we were talking about veganism. It becomes easier as time goes on to find things to eat even on the go x

    • admin
      April 12, 2018 / 12:04 pm

      hahahahaha – SORRY!!! x

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