A new found love for tea…

I know right! Being British and not liking tea is basically blasphemy and could potentially get you be-headed!

But the truth is I’m not really a hot drink kinda gal… no coffee, no tea, rarely a hot chocolate. It’s just not something I enjoy, I’m a water girl – all day erry day.

HOWEVER, things are a-changing, I don’t know if it’s because I’ve turned 25 and being officially grown up means you must drink tea or what. I mean I still hate coffee, I still rarely have hot chocolate and I still hate your standard tea, but herbal teas… these little babes have found a new place in my heart.

So to celebrate I thought I’d list some of my regular teas and their health benefits. (And when I say regular, a couple of these I’ve bought in the last couple of days lol)

1.Green tea with lemon.

My all time fave! Green tea is where it all started… I wanted to like it, basically forced myself to drink it and now I love it. The reason I pushed it so much is due to the benefits of this little tipple. Green tea not only gives your metabolism a big boost, aiding in weight loss, it is also said to be more hydrating than water. And with the added hint of lemon it is extra powerful, lemons are antibacterial which helps to boost your immune system and also aids your digestion.

Green tea is naturally caffeinated so I personally find it difficult to drink on an empty stomach, I tend to have this in the afternoon.


I am also a massive fan of Clipper as a brand, not only are they fairtrade, they do not bleach their tea bags!

2. Ginger Tea

I cant lie to you I’ve literally started drinking this today! I had a sample pack of pukka tea’s and so tried the Ginger, Lemon and Honey mix. I then went out on my lunch break and purchased the three ginger blend (particularly because it includes turmeric which is SO good for you.) I tend to have ginger with my rum so it’s a bit different drinking it as a tea… my body may go into shock and think that I’m drunk if I have too much LOLZ.

Ginger is great to relieve you of nausea and digestive issues and turmeric is basically good for everything! Seriously look it up, it’s crazy.

I’ve read that this is more of a morning tea – particularly good with a squeeze of lemon. (edit: I’m drinking this now and OH BOY it’s good)


I also found out yesterday that Pukka Herbs are now part of the 1% for the planet initiative. You can find out all the information here  … but let me tell you, it’s an amazing thing to be a part of and a definite step in the right direction for our planet 🙂

3.Peppermint tea

This little baby I picked up a couple of days ago and as a big mint lover I don’t know why I’ve not tried it before. Inspired by Hannah Gale’s recent post I decided to give it a go and I was not disappointed!

I’ve decided this is now going to be an evening ritual as peppermint tea is known to calm, relieve stress and help you sleep. Not only this but it is also said to aid weight loss and help soothe stomach problems.


4.Pommegranate tea

Not one I have very often but something that I have on my kitchen counter if I fancy mixing things up a bit. Pomegranate’s are a known antioxidant and can therefore be great for your skin.


In fact all of the above tea’s are said to help your skin so for me that is a huge massive TICK!

Let me know if you have tried any of these and what your thoughts are! Also if you have any other healthy herbs for me to try 🙂

Peace and Love xoxo


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