14 things that cross your mind during your first spin class…


1. Can’t wait for this class I’m going to be so toned and sexy – watch out summer!!

2. Ok it’s almost time, actually I’m a little nervous…. Can I back out?? No, think of that bikini body COME ON WE CAN DO THIS!

3. Ok this isn’t so bad……

4. You want me to do what now? Turn it up? Are you mad????


5. Why is everyone so much faster than me, come on legs!

6. Oh god I’m done, is it over??? 5 mins!!! What???? That was just the warm up – kill me now

7. Do you think I could sneak out without anyone noticing??

8.What have I done to deserve this? I promise I’ll never eat another carb again if you just make it stop!

9. Omg I’m going to throw up, I’m going to throw up right here in front of everyone…. Brilliant this is how I’m going die

10. Actually I think I’ve got the hang of this now….


11. NOPE oh god why isn’t this over yet?? Who knew one person could sweat so much? Why is nobody else looking like they might keel over?

12. My legs are literally on fire!! Someone grab a fire extinguisher, I think they might actually explode

13. THANK GOD it’s finally fished, I almost fell down the stairs with my jelly legs, that was horrendous …. Never again!

14. “Soooo same time next week?” Yeah sure why not!


Peace and love xoxo



  1. May 3, 2016 / 8:49 pm

    This is so true! I had to sit down outside after the class for 15 minutes until I could feel my jelly legs again ?

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