Pyjama goals

My favourite thing to do at the moment is lounge…. I know right thrilling stuff! But there’s something about the colder months that make me want to hibernate. Those weekends when you have zero plans and you sit in your pjs all day binging on Netflix and eating all the good food, yeah they’re the best. Is it an age thing? Do kids enjoy this too? I’m sure I’ve always been the duvet days number one fan.

Anyway, for these amazing days I have felt like there was something missing for me. Luckily the universe felt that too so when Simply Be got in touch to say they wanted to send me some pjs I was like YES MATE, ALL MY DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE! Simply Be is not a website I would usually scroll but I was pleasantly surprised by what was available. The only problem was they didn’t have my size in a lot of items which forced me to size up in all but one pair…. honestly, best thing that could have happened. Why have I never sized up in pjs before? Mine always end up too tight and half way up my arms and legs which frustrates me no end! Not these babies though, there’s room to Eat, to move, heck I could probably even be pregnant in some of them and this my friends is comfort level 100!

Ok so what did I go for….

A fun fact about my flat, jon rarely lets me have the heating on and insists on sleeping with the windows open and fan on (i know right). So this means my flat usually feels like some far off part of the arctic. Enter, the fluffy ones! Everyone needs to own a pair of fluffy pjs, mainly cause they feel like a constant hug and I am all about that! They do malt a little (less so once they’ve been washed – deffo wash them before you wear them) but it kind of just feels like you have a pet polar bear? Haha!

I’ve wanted a pair of tartan pjs for sooooo long! Unfortunately the red ones were sold out but I think these match my bedroom better? I’m not usually a fan of the shirt top but if you size up then it’s waaaay more comfortable and I actually wear these quite a lot now! Another thing that’s always put my off about this style is the fact that the legs don’t cuff at the bottom but again, I’m converted! I wore these Christmas Eve and spent Christmas morning swanning around like something from a cliche catalogue (I loved it!)

Hello weekend!! I’d class these more as loungewear BUT I still wear them to bed. SUPER COMFY and the leggings go from my waist to my ankle (even after being washed) which never happens with me being so tall and a little larger in the hips/bottom area haha I will be getting a lot of use out of these babies – they could 100% be worn in the summer too as they aren’t too thick.

How cuuuute are these!! Sexy but practical – what more do you need? Wearing them makes me feel like a sophisticated glass of red wine. Perfect for a little weekend away or just when you’re feeling a bit fancy – actually screw it, wear them whenever the hell you want, why do we just want to feel sexy for a special occasion? My favourite thing about these…. they cover my bum!!! Hallelujah, so difficult to come by these days when buying sexy short pjs sets.

My pyjama drawer is well and truly fulfilled now, so much so that I feel a bit bad for my other pairs which aren’t really getting a look in anymore haha need to have a little clear out I think.

Which of the above sets is your favourite? Also let me know your thoughts on sizing up in pjs, have you done this? Is it a thing that I just never got the memo on?

And if you’re looking for a new pair and like what you see you can check out the Simply Be website here.

Also a massive thank you to my bestie for taking these pics for me! Taking a full length photo of yourself is NOT easy.

Peace and love xoxo

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