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Guys it’s basically Autumn now, despite the heat wave the end of September has bought us it is now in fact raining (although I cannot deny I’m still bloody sweating) so let’s talk Autumn/Winter fashion!

Some of you may remember the post I did a while back on my personal stylist experience at Intu Lakeside – well the lovely Carlene (head stylist) and the guys at Voice Communications decided to set up a little blogger event to fully show case what the stylist lounge can offer as well as giving us some insight into the latest trends.

Going to a fashion event is always a bit nerve racking …. As if finding an outfit isn’t hard enough at the best of times! I had recently bought these beautiful thigh high boots from New Look and was yet to wear them so I basically planned my entire outfit around those!

Did I feel too dressed up – yes! Did I care? – hell no! (FYI the boots are not easy to drive in but surprisingly comfortable)

The personal stylist lounge itself had changed to a different location and a much better one at that! It was bigger, brighter and felt a lot more professional. You can now find it situated on Brompton Walk at Intu Lakeside.

The girls had laid out some snacks and drinks and us bloggers got stuck right in while waiting for everyone to arrive. (My post wedding diet is on point!)

So the main event – we were taken into the stylist room and given a couple of talks. Voice Comms and Intu Lakeside spoke about their new VIB (very important blogger scheme) which we are all super excited about (contact Megan here to get involved

Then Carlene spoke to us, giving a little background about herself (having been stylist to the stars and working with some big brands) and explaining about the top trends for this season.

Don’t worry pals, I wasn’t going to leave you out of the loop now was I!? Being a good friend and all I’ll give you a little insight into the hottest trends this season. (Although if you’ve been in any shops recently you could probs figure this out yourself!)


Velvet dreams – Love love love! While being told about this trend I gave myself a mental high five for wearing my velvet boots and choker, so on trend babes!


Purple reign – Although I’d say more burgendy/plum as that’s what I’ve seen most of out in stores. This is always a fab autumnal colour and fun fact… Apparently purple suits everyone – there’s a shade for every skin tone so yeah get some purple in your life!


Midnight sparkle – Always a fave! I’ve just bought my dress for a black tie event at work and it couldn’t be more sparkly if I tried so again another on trend tick for Laura! But seriously what is winter without sparkles???


Heritage -Now this is a trend I enjoy but also don’t know if I can pull off! I also think it’s difficult to get this right but when you do … Oh boy you look like you should be strutting the streets of Chelsea on the way to ride your pony! For me the trend really suits those tall, model thin, straight up and down girls! But who knows maybe I’ll get myself some jodpers and a Burberry coat.


Animal print – always making an appearance somewhere in the year! If you don’t own something animal print then are you really a girl? You must have something …. Even pants! Personally I have a massively too big fur coat in leopard print and a leopard print bag! (I also have zebra print pants) I definitely think this style can get a bit OTT but a few pops of print or a (faux) fur coat always goes down a treat! Unfortunately everyone must have got to this trend way before me cause primark sold out of the leopard print shoes I wanted! (Probably not helped by the fact zoella put them in her primark haul – cheers doll!) but I definitely plan to snap those up at some point! I also love the white shirt in Zara with the leopard print pocket! (Can you guess what my animal print of choice is?!)


Ok I think that’s it for the trends!

And if you’re planning a shopping trip let me just tell you that New Look is on point at the moment! I’m obsessed! I went three times the other week – I need help!


After the talks we were split into groups, there were 4 stations around the room and we got to spend time with each. My little group started off with Tony & Guy discussing hair dye, condition and whether or not to have the dreaded chop! If you book in a session with the personal stylist lounge and are thinking of changing up your entire look then the girls can organise a consultation for you with Tony & Guy for the same day! They’re aiming to be a one stop shop for all your styling needs.

Next was boobs…. Or you know bras. Your underwear is the foundation of your outfit, it can really make or break a look so getting it right is SO IMPORTANT! We were joined by a lovely lady from Victoria Secret who basically made me want to spend all my money in there as well as giving us a cheeky measuring.

Then to skincare – again if you’re looking for a make up look or skincare advice the girls at the lounge can hook you up! We were joined by kiehl’s and the lady explained a range of different products to us; what the are, what they do and who would benefit most from them.

They also tested our skin types by sticking this paper thing to our face, it was bizarre and as I had a face full of make up I’m not sure how accurate mine was but it’s definitely something you could try out if you arrive fresh faced!

If you haven’t heard of kiehl’s don’t be alarmed, neither had I and this is probably due to their unique marketing approach…they do not spend a penny on advertising and rely purely on word of mouth/reviews! So us bloggers are integral to their business… As are you! I was kindly gifted some goodies from the brand so I’ll be sure to let you know how I get on with those!

And last but not least Carlene…. She took us through what would normally be the beginning of an appointment. This is were you discuss your body shape and what sort of silhouettes and trends would suit you best. Carlene is great at this and really gets you to see the potential in your body no matter what shape or how confident you are!

We ended our day with a quirky catwalk show involving a lot of contemporary dancing and of course the AW16 trends (take a look at my vlog – coming soon- to see the models in action.)

So there we have it! A lovely afternoon mingling with some fashion frenzied bloggers, learning the new trends for this season and eating all the Percy pigs LOL don’t tell anyone!

If you’re interested in setting up a personal stylist session you can find all the details here:

*style me*

The sessions are totally free and something I would 100% recommend! Whether your looking for a staple item, occasion wear or a whole new wardrobe these girls can sort you out!

What’s your favourite trend this season???

Peace and Love xoxo


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