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You may recall my recent(ish) visit to the new Goldismiths store in Chelmsford’s Bond Street complex and if you haven’t you can read about that here.

For those of you who have been eagerly waiting to see what I got, I am happy to announce that the wait is finally over and it’s time to reveal what pieces made the cut! I had ordered 4 items off of the website to chose from and up first are the 2 that fell at the final hurdle:

Gucci Necklace

Now I did like this but it just felt a bit chunky. I liked the pendant but the chain just wasn’t selling it to me and I found that with a lot of the Gucci products I looked at.

Olivia Burton Bee Necklace

I still really like this even if it did feel a little ghetto haha but how cute! I mean who doesn’t love a bumble bee?! The thing is though, I rarely wear gold so it didn’t seem like the right choice.


(I didn’t get a very good picture of this one so used the website one.)

Now onto what made it home with me. Both of these items are Michael Kors cause I went totally basic on the whole experience. Inner Laura has always wanted a Michael Kors bag so this jewellery is filling that hole!

The Necklace

I loved the pendant on this necklace, I was looking for something disc like but this just felt a bit different and more interesting. One thing I didn’t realise was this metal seems to be a little less shiny and more of a dull effect but I don’t think this is an issue. I wear this necklace ALOT! It’s the perfect length for most of my work clothes and if you look closely at my instagram it features quite a bit haha

The Bracelet

This item really caught my eye… it’s a BIT Cartier with the screws, at least that’s what it reminded me of, except it’s not even close to that price! But what drew me to it was the disc pendant (again! I don’t know what my disc obsession is but that’s what I’m liking it seems.) Now I wore this for my birthday lunch and the pendant disappeared but Goldsmiths kindly replaced it. I am yet to wear the new one cause I’m a bit nervous but I think I will be wearing it to something chill haha It’s perfect for brunch with the girls or something a little more fancy like a wedding.

After purchasing these 2 items I had some money left on my voucher so I got my mum these cute earrings for mothers day which she loved !

SO would you have gone for the same items as me or is your style totally different?

Obviously I was kindly gifted a voucher in return for my blog posts but the experience I had is totally legit and I got to pick the items out myself. I mean you won’t catch me in Goldsmiths every weekend cause this girl is currently living in her overdraft but for a special occasion I would definitely look to go back there. I highly suggest booking an appointment, getting a glass of wine and discussing what you’re looking for with an expert if not just for the experience.

Peace and Love xoxo

**Please see disclaimer

> I also couldn’t find a link to the necklace on the Goldsmiths website or Michael Kors so it must have gone out of stock or been discontinued but I found it on a different site so I have added that link in.


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