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Saturday the 11th could not have felt more grown up for me, I started my day going to a bank appointment with my husband to talk about insurances for the flat we just bought…. LIKE WHAT!? Husband, mortgage, insurance – I still can’t get my head around this adult Laura that seems to have surfaced from nowhere.

But once all the seriousness was over it was time for something a little different, more enjoyable, a little me time. I was recently contacted by the PR company who work for Goldsmiths jewellers to go check out their new store and pick out some pieces. Firstly, this is all very exciting ’cause I now get to spend a Saturday picking shiny new jewels for myself and secondly, Goldsmiths is part of the Bond St complex which is fast becoming one of my favourite places in Chelmsford so getting to hang around there is A-ok with me.


Goldsmiths used to be situated on the high street in a narrow, dark store which to be perfectly honest, wasn’t all that inviting. Now however, being on the Bond St complex has done wonders for their image and a new open, minimal, light store is exactly the right look for them!

There’s plenty of staff on hand ready to help you out and take you on a personalised shopping trip to find what’s right for you. I had a meeting set up with a lady called Kimberly who was SO lovely! She first asked me if I would like a drink, for which they have an array and of course I chose a wine ’cause hello it’s Saturday! I then took a seat at one of the many desks they have dotted around and waited for Kimberly to come back.


We started off chatting about some of the jewellery I own and what I like. I assume they would usually talk about budget here too but as they had kindly gifted me a voucher they already knew mine. We then had a little walk around the store to see if anything caught me eye. Once Kimberly had got an idea of my taste I went and sat back at the desk while she pulled some pieces for me. If you’ve ever had a personal shopper, it’s basically like that but for jewellery!

I honestly felt like one of those ladies who brunches with the girls then spends her afternoon picking out gifts for herself, sipping on fizzy wine without a care in the world! This my friends is a fantastic feeling and I highly recommend you give it a go – fake it till you make it and all that.

So after going through what Kimberly had bought over, nothing was really jumping out at me. Goldsmiths, as a company, host SO MANY different brands and to be able to have all of them on site they would literally need to be in a warehouse. So as this particular store didn’t have many of the “fashion” pieces that I was more geared towards our appointment took an alternative route. This however was not a problem because each desk is set up with an iPad and you’re able to scroll through their website and order items you would like to try.


So after much deliberation I have ordered a small selection of items and await a call telling me they have arrived. I loved that this was available because I didn’t feel pressured to spend my voucher then and there and I could take some time to decide what I really wanted.

 Kimberly made the whole process so great, she was a really nice down to earth girl. There is nothing worse than pushy sales people, trust me I have been forced to be that person at a previous job and I hated it so much but I didn’t feel like that at Goldsmiths at all. We had such a lovely chat too, it basically felt like I was catching up with a friend while shopping! I think she definitely made the appointment for me, I love meeting new people and getting to know them and I just felt really relaxed in her company.

So if you’re looking to splash out on some new jewellery definitely check out Goldsmiths in Chelmsford. You can either grab a member of staff when you go in or book an appointment in advance. I recommend booking an appointment just because it feels more special. It’s also a great thing to do if you’re looking to buy a gift for someone as they will be able to get a feel for what they like and make suggestions to help you.

Kimberly was really knowledgeable about the different styles and collections and provided some interesting insights; like apparently my engagement ring is a trilogy ring and the three stones represent the past, present and future, I had no idea about this and I absolutely love that concept! She also made me aware of the different services they have available for example, free jewellery cleaning and also if you purchase a ring from them and it needs to be re-covered, they will do this the first time for free no matter when that is needed. This attention to detail speaks volumes.


I will check back in with you guys when I have chosen my items so you can be nosey 🙂 Let me know if you end up having an appointment at Goldsmiths cause I would love to see what you get!

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Peace and love xoxo

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