Friday favourites…


1. A Beautiful Mess App

This is an app that I downloaded a long time ago after a friend recommended it to be, it’s created by the lovely ladies at

Great for creating funky pictures for your blog, instagram or just for your own amusement! I used it to create a temporary logo for my blog (below) to use on Twitter and Facebook while I wait for mine to be created (super excited for this by the way and can’t wait to show you guys!)

I believe the app has a small charge, although I can’t remember the exact price right now as I bought it so long ago. Check it out in your app store now 🙂



2. Raiding the Fiancé’s wardrobe!

Inspired by Hannah Gale’s post (see here) I decided to go through Jon’s clothes and see what I could steal. I hit the jackpot when I stumbled across this very “in” lumberjack style shirt and proceeded to wear it to work that day.

I don’t even think he even realised it was his until I pointed it out! It was so comfy and warm – think I might keep it on my side of the wardrobe from now on.

This is also great for girls on a budget… it’s like getting new stuff for free. Like a charity shop in your very own home and all proceeds go to you 🙂

3. Finding old clothes you had forgotten about.

My wardrobe resembles a Primark store on a Saturday… there is crap everywhere, none of it is folded and it makes me want to cry!

Every so often I go through everything, fold it neatly into little OCD piles but after a couple of days sifting through it all trying to find want I want it’s a mess again. Thank god its shut away behind those wooden doors of bedlam!

So the other morning when I was trying to find an outfit for work I stumbled across this cute brown skirt! I hadn’t worn it for ages and it’s a perfect addition to my Autumn, Winter style!

I believe it was from Primark at a super bargain price although I got it a couple of years ago now.

(I couldn’t find anything similar but I’m totally dying for one of these brown A Line numbers in Primark at the moment!)


4. Roll necks and jeans.

Absolutely obsessed with this little ensemble at the moment! I literally can’t stop wearing it (anyone who follows me on instagram may have noticed me trying to style this same outfit to look different but In all honesty I just can’t get enough of it, soz!)

It is literally the bane of my life trying to find jeans but these little gems are a perfect fit! God bless H&M!!! They fit perfectly on my waist, thighs and calves which is almost impossible with an hour glass figure! They are slightly cropped although I’m pretty tall so those cute little shorty’s out there might get away with them being full length!

(I can’t find the exact pair but I got them recently so should still be in store! Here’s a similar version but with a zip rather than buttons. I think mine where around £14.)

The roll neck is from Primark (again!). It’s not too thick and is sleeveless which is great for a sweaty betty like me! Cannot get enough of this jumper which is very AW15! And at a nifty price of £12 I’d grab yours while you can!

(Hat is from H&M a couple of years ago – similar here.)


6. Overnight oats

You may have seen me mention this delicious little breakfast in previous posts. I had fallen off the bandwagon for a while (too lazy to whip up this super easy breakfast the night before and having to buy something when I got to the office – naughty Laura!)

But I am well and truly back on it!

Overnight oats are so easy and can be completely customised to your own taste! I usually opt for organic oats with Greek yoghurt and fruit however this week I mixed it up a bit and opted for chocolate milk rather than yoghurt. Decadently delicious! And if you’re feeling extra rebellious why not add a spoonful of syrup for that extra sweet fix!

(Here are some ideas to get you started.)

 7. The gadget you NEED in your kitchen this year…. the spiralizer!

So impressed with this little thing! You can get more expensive versions but this hand help contraption is just as good and so cool! (At what age do spiralizers become cool??! I guess the answer is 24!)

I used mine to make courgettie and it was so easy, just stick the courgette in and twist! If courgette isn’t your thing you can also use it with other hard vegetables to create your own concoctions.

(Find yours here.)

Hope you enjoyed my first ever Friday favourites – woo!

Let me know what you think… Looking to try / already tried any of the above? Give me a shout 🙂

Have a great weekend!!!

Laura x



  1. October 17, 2015 / 3:08 pm

    So much fun! I love your images and sweet shares.

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