Clothes Swap Party…

Ok firstly this is not some weird sexual thing, if you’re looking for a swingers party I’m afraid you’ve found the wrong blog!

Girls, the seasons are changing and with that comes a new opportunity to cleanse your surroundings and start again. By this I mean chuck all the old crap out your wardrobe to make room for more!

Luckily for me I had just had the urge to clean out my wardrobe when I got a text from my brothers girlfriend inviting me to her clothes swap party. Now if you’re not familiar with the concept you basically get a group of people together, bring clothes that you no longer want, shove them in a big pile and fight each other for the best fashion pieces!


Honestly, why are we not all doing this on a regular basis? It’s the perfect situation, you get rid of the stuff you don’t want and curb your shopping addict cravings by bringing home all the new clothes.

Let me set the scene for you…. get all your best gal pals together (helpful if you’re roughly the same size). Each bring a bag or 5 of clothes you no longer want; this can include shoes, bags, jewellery, ANYTHING! Create piles ie dresses, skirts, tops (for when you’re feeling civilized at the beginning.) Stick a girl power playlist on, grab a full length mirror, distribute the wine and stacks and delve in!!!!

It’s honestly the most fun and who doesn’t love new clothes??? I came away with so many bits I can wear for work as well as a superdry raincoat (I’ve been looking for a raincoat for SO long and this got me all levels of excited!) Some items even had the labels still intact.

We all have those pieces in our wardrobes that we bought with good intentions…. “I’ll slim into it” “I’ll find an occasion to wear it”, how about we stop kidding ourselves and swap it for your mates bangin’ dress that you actually will wear!

At the end of the night whatever’s left can either be given to charity or you can take it back.

What better way is there than to spend an evening half naked with your besties, drinking, eating and essentially shopping indoors!

I’ve obviously had my clear out for the foreseeable future but I will definitely be doing this again! And I urge you to give it a go too.

Let me know if you do and tag me in any clothes swap party pics!!!

Peace and love xoxo

*Please excuse the distinct lack of pictures! I have actually filmed a haul to go with this post but who knows when I’ll get my YouTube butt back into gear.



  1. October 17, 2016 / 5:56 pm

    This is such a cool idea? Why have I never heard of this before?? I wanna throw one! Haha x

    • October 17, 2016 / 6:07 pm

      It’s literally the best thing!! You totally should x

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