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‘ve always enjoyed being artsy and getting stuck into a good bit of crafts so when the opportunity arose to get back into it, I grabbed the bull by the horns!

I was contacted by a lovely lady and asked to take part in the #24daysofwren campaign which seeks to get your creative juices flowing this Christmas! Wren kitchens have come up with the great idea of a creative advent calendar which will be displayed on their website! Each day will unveil a new creative guide for you to try over the festive period 🙂 I can’t wait to see what’s behind all those mystical doors.


So I donned my thinking cap and set about finding a great idea for this campaign, here’s what I came up with…

My niece has been given her role for the Christmas nativity…  this year she is to be an angel! Now angels are usually given out to more than one child so my sisters and I set out to make OUR little angel stand out from the crowd in a hand crafted outfit made with love. This all went perfectly smooth with absolutely no shouting or accidentally stabbing ourselves with needles……… sort of.

If you happen to have an angel you want to stand out or maybe you’re going to a fancy dress party and want something a bit different… look no further! (unless of course you go to the same school as my niece in which case, don’t steal our idea!)


Our main project here was to create a funky, christmassy tulle skirt, with a decorated white t-shirt to match.

(The fishing wire you can see was supposed to be for wings and a halo BUT that turned out to be a lot more difficult than we anticipated so that idea got thrown on the back burner – there’s only so much us gals can do!)

Step number one was to cut the tulle to the right length making sure that it wasn’t too long – we don’t want Ella tripping up on stage!! (It would deffo make her stand out but not quite how we would like!)

Next we folded over the long edge which will become the waist band and pinned it in place.

On to the sewing, which was done roughly along the bottom edge of the pinned section to hold it together. (Cue the shouting and accidental stabbing.)


Once this was all sewn together we had to thread the elastic through – not having a safety pin to hand this was pretty difficult but we improvised with a hair grip so trust me when I say, get a safety pin if you can!!

Finally once the elastic was through it was tied in a knot at the back to hold it all together and the skirt could now be slipped on and off.

Stage one complete!


As you can see the skirt is pretty see through, we cannot let our little angel on stage like this! So Jodie added another layer by sewing it onto the waist band… You can add as many layers as you want and this will depend on how thick your material is.

Whilst Jodie cracked on with that, Louise and I got to decorating the T-shirt.


We made snowflakes and stars out of shiny silver card and glued this onto the top. Word of advice … make sure you put something inside the t-shirt before you start gluing or you will stick the top together!!

To get the right shape for the stars, we used the other material we had bought and a pin to stencil it out.


T-shirt DONE! and just in time for Jodie to have the skirt ready for the next stage.

As we only had black elastic available and the skirt is white we needed something to cover it up … Nan to the rescue!! With a bag of odds and ends in hand we managed to find the perfect piece.

First we pinned this adorable beaded number in place, then we glued it to the waistband of the skirt (because sewing was becoming a bit tedious!)


Next up was our beautiful shimmery blue material which was covered in snowflakes and stars – super christmassy and sure to get our girl seen in the crowd.


This was pinned, sewed, rouched and attached to the back of the existing skirt (as there was a nice gaping hole which resembled a hospital gown.)

Trimmed down to size and it was good to go!

FINISHED PROJECT!!! With one happy little angel!

Ella was a little bit nervous about letting us make her outfit but once we were finished she was so happy with it and didn’t want to take it off! 🙂

So there we have it! A cheap home made angel costume that you can get the kids involved with… Get the Christmas songs on, bake some cookies and get crafty!

The material itself came to only £8 along with the odds and ends that we had lying around… the great thing about this costume is that you can customise it with whatever you have at home!

Let me know if you happen to give this a go! Would love to see pictures of your own creations 🙂

Peace and love xoxo

Laura x



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