Turning 25 and my Neda Hair and Beauty disaster…

I must be one of the only girls who wasn’t freaking out about 25 but the truth of the matter is… I bloody love a birthday! I’m that girl that celebrates her birthday for about a week! After last year being such an awful time due to family bereavements I was set on making 2016 a birthday to remember.

25 to me is a big one! It’s a milestone!


The big 2-5 started off great with a girls night on the town the Saturday before. We hit up Bar and Beyond with our own table filled with (some might say too much) alcohol. I had a great night and was so happy to have spent it with some awesome people! I even got up feeling mildly fresh the next day…… ok not fresh but not being sick and unable to move, so that’s a plus!


I spent the Sunday at my mums filling my face with a delicious roast dinner and headed home happy as Larry ready for my birthday on the Monday.


Unfortunately I ended up having the birthday from hell! I’d seen what I thought was a great deal on Wowcher for a pamper session and casually hinted to Jon that this would be a great present. I was so happy when he got it for me and had been banging on about it all week. I enthusiastically drove the 2 hours to Edgware and found Neda Hair and Beauty which is where my treatments where to take place. The deal was for a manicure, facial and back scrub however I had also opted to add a back neck and shoulder massage for a fraction of the normal price.

First up was my manicure, I tried to make conversation with the woman doing my nails as it was painfully silent and we had some nice chat but not much. She told me that they were understaffed by 2 people but the salon was not what I would call busy and I believe there were 3 members of staff in. Another customer entered the salon and my lady got up to deal with her (she was there to complain which should have been my first sign to get up and run for the hills.) Having to deal with this woman she sent someone else to finish my manicure, completely ignoring the fact that one hand had been massaged and the other hadn’t this new lady proceeded to badly paint my nails – no top coat, nail varnish on my skin, bleeding cuticles and smudged and chipped pretty much instantly.


Next was the facial, this was supposed to be 65 mins, ending in an Indian head massage. I was left on my own in a room for the majority of the facial, a room which was absolutely freezing! I was also laying on a bed that was so tiny I was scared to move, every time I did move it felt like it might collapse. This bed was situated under such a bright light it was hard to relax, especially as there was no music which you would normally associate with this kind of treatment. At one point it felt like the beautician was actually stabbing me in the face! I have no idea what she was doing but she was basically scraping any blemish I had with a very sharp object. (Considering my whole face is a blemish this was a very painful experience). Whilst torturing me, she was also telling me about another salon that she worked in and was trying to sell me stuff for my skin from there. Once the facial was over and I finally opened my eyes I realised that the woman in the room with me was not the original person who started doing my facial. I have no idea who had been touching my face for that entire time.

On to the massage, the main event. I was taken into another room, this time with a heater THANK GOD! The woman started to massage me (not the most impressive massage I’ve ever received – my little sister could probably do better) However, what shocked me the most was ….. SHE WAS ON THE PHONE! Yep, for the duration of my relaxing massage this girl was having a nice little chat using, I assume, using a hands free kit. Not what you want!

I didn’t even receive the back scrub but I didn’t care – I wanted out of there ASAP!

So I finally got back in the car, feeling confused, annoyed and not gunna lie – a bit emosh. I felt like we had been robbed! They clearly didn’t care about their service at all and just wanted our money. I then got home to find that Jon wasn’t well, not only did this mean he hadn’t got me a card it also meant that I spent the rest of my birthday doing chores, watching rubbish TV and eating dominos pizza whilst crying sporadically.

If this is what turning 25 is like I don’t want to do it anymore thanks. Can you take me back to 24 where all was sweetness and light?

Since then we have had yet more family bereavements and seem to have been ill constantly.


Come on 2016 – give a girl a break!!! Due to all of this I really haven’t felt myself lately. I don’t know if its getting older but these things really knocked me for six and I have lost all motivation, I’m not looking after myself and I feel meh. Given that I’m usually such a happy, positive person this just doesn’t sit right with me!

I have so much to look forward to this year what with the wedding and our trip to Rome I just hope things start to pick up. Apologies for the negative post but sometimes you just have to get these things out!

Here’s to spring, longer sunnier days, warmer weather and hopefully some new goose babies to obsess over in the park.


Peace and love xoxo



  1. March 14, 2016 / 12:45 pm

    This sounds terrible!! Hope that the rest of the year is much more positive.

    Emma Inks

  2. March 14, 2016 / 4:00 pm

    Oh my god, you had said about the manicure but I had no idea it got worse. That is outrageous. Wow, people need to avoid this place like the plague, no wonder they are having to resort to discount codes, they have probably lost all other business and rightly so if that’s the service they provide.
    At least there is lots to still look forward to for the rest of the year, stay positive x x

    • March 14, 2016 / 4:02 pm

      I know it was seriously horrendous!!! I’ve contacted wowcher so hopefully they’ll stop using them! All the reviews on their Facebook page are similar in that it’s bloody awful! I don’t like to write bad reviews and will always try to find a positive but I felt this was needed to stop people wasting their money! Thanks Hun, I’m feeling a lot more positive now 🙂 xxx

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