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So a couple of weeks ago now (OMG literally cannot believe it’s been that long!) I was lucky enough to be invited to the saturated colour blogger event in Essex.


Now I’m not going to lie to you sassy sisters, I had never heard of this company before but it sounded like fun and the girl sending the emails was lovely! (Doesn’t take much to get me out LOLZ)

The location was absolutely beautiful! A little barn tucked away in picturesque stock, we all swooned over the absolutely babeing insta back drop they have available to them on the regs! Kinda gutted I didn’t take full advantage of this but I was having too much fun so my pics aren’t the best, soz guys!   We were left to mingle for the first part, helping ourselves to the fruity fizz, sausage rolls and sweets – or was that just me?? I hadn’t had breakfast, don’t judge me!

We then had an introduction from the three lovely ladies who organised the event. Danielle, the creator, told us about the company and how it started… A family run business originally marketing the NYX collections who decided to create their own! Hannah then told us about the products, and let me tell you there’s some seriously innovative creativity going on in this company, I was beyond impressed. Lastly, we were told how the day would be structured by Rebecca.


So let’s start with the products…

There’s the more normal side of the range which includes their double ended lip brush and the highly pigmented lip sticks and lip vinyls. The lip vinyls are basically like a gloss but without the annoying stickyness, avoiding that wind hair situation we all know and loathe. Then there’s the more creative little gems.


First up the make me matte – everyone is OBSESSED with the kylie Jenner inspired matte lip at the moment and if you don’t have the bank balance (or the patience) to get your hands on a Kylie lip kit you can easily grab one of these babies. Applied on top of your favourite lipsticks they will turn matte! What the actual F! Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to try this but it’s definitely a future purchase on my list!!!


Another clever product is colour switch… Applied before your lipstick it can change the tone and create a lighter colour. The perfect way to change up your collection without spending a fortune on new lippys!

Next up the multitasker pencil, a must have for those who like to get creative with their make up- it not only serves as a lip liner but also an eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, face doodler, whatever the hell you want … Go crazy! Your body is your oyster.

The last product I want to talk about is the lip scrub. I was lucky enough to get this in my blogger bundle and OH LORD I am loving it!!! I’ve been using it every night and for someone who suffers with super crusty lips (I know right I’m so sexy it hurts) I’ve seen a massive difference! I’ve also been following the instructions very carefully, in particular the “lick off the excess yummy sugar!” – you don’t have to tell me twice.


Oh and best of all they are all cruelty free! Some products are even vegan.

So aside from checking out all the products and stuffing my face with sausage rolls, we also had a competition. We were split into three groups, given a bundle of lip goodies and given 10 mins to create some lip art. Unfortunately I didn’t win and the pressure of the competition made me sweat profusely but it was a fun idea and it was good to interact with the products.

It was clear to see during the event that all three girls were passionate about what they do, in particular Danielle who created the products. I spoke to her for a while and it was good to see how hands on she is in the process and how willing she is to work with bloggers to get the products out there cause the range is clearly on point! We just need to spread the word!! Rebecca personally went through everyone’s blogs and instagrams to ensure that each blogger had some tester products that suited them personally – I’ve literally never known a company to be so considerate and concise with their approach!


If you happen to live in stock definitely get your bums to their little barn, there’s 3 for 2 on all products in store only! But if you can’t get there, you can always purchase from the website. Here’s all the details you need to know:

Saturated colour cosmetics

The tythe barn

Church green

High street

Stock, Essex 

Cm4 9bu

@saturated_colour – insta

@sc_cosmetics_uk – Twitter 

Let me know if you try any of their stuff! Especially the make me matte I really want to see how this works.

“Colour is our passion, make it yours” 

Peace and love xoxo


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