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So now I’ve caught up with the blogging world I’m faced with the concept of vlogging! Seriously where have I been? Even my little sister knows what’s going on better than me (face palm!)

After trawling through countless vlogs (including Zoella, Lily Melrose and Hannah Gale) I made a conscious decision to change up my make up routine!

First stop MAC! And a few cheeky purchases to get me going – I originally went in to replace my foundation as I’ve been scooping out the dregs of the bottle waiting for pay day but I couldn’t hold out any longer. I ended up walking out £60 lighter but with these cute purchases…


You will also notice the maybeline primer which obviously isn’t from MAC but a boots find! I really wanted to try the Benefit porefessional but I hear this is the next best thing for a girl on a budget.

Now I am by no means a make up expert and I don’t claim to be but I thought I’d share with you my new routine. I did try to make this my first vlog but I realised, after completing my make up, that my phone had stopped filming after 7 mins…. I just assume it got bored and was a sign that maybe the youtube world isn’t ready for me yet! haha.

So here it is, all layed out in a lovely long OCD line….

(Please excuse the embarrassment that I call my foundation brush! I’ve got a new one on order.)


  1. Primer – I use my finger to rub the product alll over face but focusing on the cheek area where those big ole pores are.
  2. Concealer – For blemishes (which for me, is basically my whole face!)
  3. Foundation – Apply to the whole face (I take mine down to my neck as it’s slightly darker than my skin tone.)
  4. Eyebrows – It’s true what they say about eyebrows being sisters and not twins, mine change constantly due to how they’re feeling on the day! Little divas!
  5. Concealer – This time to highlight: under eyebrows, under eyes, down bridge of nose, under bottom lip and a little on the forehead.
  6. Powder – Apply to whole face.
  7. Bronzer – I do mine under my cheeks, the outer edges of my forehead, jaw line and neck.
  8. Powder blush (Harmony) – Use this on the same areas to contour (minus the neck!)
  9. Blusher – On apples of cheeks sweeping up to the temples.
  10. MAC Cinderella beauty powder (sold out) – To set make up, apply all over face.
  11. Curl lashes
  12. Mascara – I apply a couple of layers!!
  13. Optional lip – I’ve been dabbing a colour (usually red) onto my lips, so it’s not to dominant, then going over it with a nude colour (Shade – Shy Girl). (mainly cause I hate the nude I bought on it’s own! They didn’t have the colour I wanted in stock and this was apparently the next best thing.)

Here’s a before and after of the above routine – This is before work and is dependent on how early I get up! If I’m late ALOT of these steps will be removed … like I’ll probably just splash on some foundation.

Obvioulsy this is a base routine that can be sprused up however you want 🙂

Saturday I tried to mix things up a bit and experimented with a completely different style for me! I don’t think I’ve done full on top lid, winged eyeliner since I was at school. However, I found the whole experience a lot less stressful than I expected… I mean they don’t match but when do they ever?!

I also wore eyeshadow which I NEVER EVER do – mainly cause I don’t really get it. The last time I wore it was when I was going through that orange face, white eyeshadow phase that happened many years ago! Let me tell you now…. this was not a good look. (Although I’m sure you figured that out on your own.) This time I opted for an autumnal gold, much more forgiving.

Then I finished the whole thing off with a deep purple lip. I used my new MAC lipliner (shade – bespoken for), a Revlon lipstick that I got from boots a while ago and topped it with the nude lipstick to tone it down a bit.

Paired with your favourite Instagram filter you can now go off and conquer the world!

So there we have it…

What’s your make up routine like and how much has it changed over the years? Comment below and let me know 🙂 Also if you have any questions feel free to hit me up.

Peace and love xoxo

Laura x



  1. October 30, 2015 / 12:00 pm

    Great post Laura! I need to update my makeup routine (and products!) a little bit. I used some of my friend’s Benefit and MAC stuff last week for a party and blimey, was so much better than my usual Rimmel and Max Factor!!!!! Have a great weekend 🙂 xxx

    • October 30, 2015 / 12:04 pm

      I’m a total MAC convert!!!! I used to use the cheaper stuff but skin would break out immediately … It’s a lot better now I amuse this 🙂 thanks! You too xxx

  2. Mummy
    October 30, 2015 / 4:47 pm

    Enjoying all your blogs my angel. Very proud mummy. So keep it up looking forward to your next one. Love you millions xx ?

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