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I recently got invited to an event at the Lee Stafford Academy in Chelmsford by the lovely Emma! I couldn’t have been more on board with this, given that the venue is literally down the road from me. It just so happened that my birthday had been on the Monday and I had attended the WORST salon I have ever experienced!! (more to come on this in a separate post) but this just made me even more excited for the blogger event.

The academy kindly agreed to host a bunch of local bloggers on a Thursday evening, offering different treatments in order to show case what was available at the salon.

There were four treatment choices:


hair styling


back massage

I originally opted for hair styling and a massage however, being super lazy and gross, I couldn’t be bothered to wash my hair! And considering the manicure I’d received on the Monday was so awful I changed my hair styling to a manicure.


My friend Liv and I arrived together and somehow managed to miss the initial tour! (oops). Instead, I grabbed a glass of vino and headed to the front row, eagerly awaiting the opening speech from Mr Lee Stafford himself.

I hadn’t really seen much from Lee before and he was surprisingly captivating! He told us his back story of how he got into hairdressing, spending years working out of his mothers kitchen. He told us about all the courses he had attended, the lack of uniformity in their teachings and how this lead him to start his own academy’s where he strives to teach one fool proof method to his students. You could tell instantly how passionate he was, and the fact that he meets with his students in person says a lot! We also learned that he had just become a father to a beautiful baby girl who he had left for the evening to come meet us so hats off to you Mr Stafford and thank you for taking time out for us bloggers 🙂 (of course I couldn’t resist asking to see a picture and I can confirm that she is indeed a little cutie!)

Once the opening speech was over and we had got a group pic for the local newspaper (another one for my mums collection!) we were split into groups and taken for our treatments.

First up for me was a manicure! You could tell the beauticians were nervous as they were a bit shaky and extremely silent… I cannot stand awkward silences and ended up chatting jibberish for the duration! Soz to all in that room haha.

My manicure was okay, not the best thing in the world but these girls are still in training and it was a damn sight better than the one I’d actually paid for on the Monday!!!

Next up was the massage, the thing I was most looking forward to. I was taken to a room which was filled with soft relaxing music. My beauty therapist took me into a curtained off section and began to ask me some general questions. Once this was over I stripped off and laid face down, ready to relax. The massage lasted about 30 minutes and was pure bliss! If I could criticize anything, the pressure could have been slightly harder but aside from that there were no complaints from me!

After the massage was over, I got redressed and my beautician came and spoke to me about after care, I was asked to fill out a feedback form and I was given two little testers to take home. Unfortunately I cannot remember the girls name (blogger award to me haha) but she was great, a really lovely down to earth girl who put me completely at ease.

So that was it! I suddenly felt very sleepy.

We were given an extremely generous goody bag as we left and we all parted ways.


If you’re looking for a cheap treatment which will help these girls to train and pass their qualifications, definitely check this place out! It’s right by Chelmsford station and I am definitely considering an after work massage in the future!

Peace and Love xoxo

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