An extended Friday faves – 12th January 

Ok so I missed the last two Friday faves (soz guys!) life takes over sometimes and it’s got me thinking that maybe I should do it monthly instead – Let me know what you think in the comments 🙂

So as a kind of  apology this weeks Friday faves are a slightly extended version!

New Look Sunglasses

I am loving these bad boys and yesterday I actually got a chance to wear them as Mr Sun had his hat well and truly on! I originally saw these in the Chelmsford New Look, decided not to buy them then couldn’t stop thinking about them (isn’t that always the way!) So on my lunch break I headed down Fenchurch street and snapped them up! Totally glad I did.


Cosmetic Warrior face mask – Lush

I’ve had this mask ever since I went to the Lush event in Chelmsford and I absolutely love it. Being garlic based I was a little sceptical but it really does work wonders, my face feels fresh and soft after use. Also as garlic is anti bacterial it helps fight those pesky breakouts! I try to use it at least once a week.


Mac and Cheese

Bit of a strange one! I’m sure most of you know by now that I eat ALOT of pasta and cheese but lately I seem to be on some sort of mac and cheese hype – I just cant stop eating it!! It’s so bloody delicious and like a hug from the inside, perfect on these cold wintery days. Comfort food at it’s finest my friends!

My mum sent me a picture of a mac and cheese she made the other day and I was almost angry! How dare she make that when I’m not there! (She also told me of her new secret ingredient… smashed up crisps on top for that extra crunch! shhh don’t tell anyone.)


New Hair

FINALLY got my roots done and had it all toned… I feel like a whole new woman! The colour is exactly what I wanted and I feel all sassy and kind of like a hip old lady haha Thank you Brooke for your mega skills.


Elsa Dress

So my friend is having a fancy dress party for her birthday on the 27th and with new hair in tow what better costume to buy than ELSA FROM FROZEN!! I got this little gem from Amazon and OMG I am so excited to transform into the ice queen. (The dress is mega see through and gets glitter everywhere but I’m Elsa for Christ sake! Who gives a flying fish!)


Hannah Gale jumper

I’m sure you’ve all seen my blogger jumper from the original HG collection which is a comfy slice of jumper heaven! So when Hannah announced there would be new designs I jumped at the chance to buy myself a cheeky early birthday present.

This cats carbs and cuddles one literally describes my life. I wear it all the time!! And it’s just as comfy as the other one <3

Keep an eye out for my Birthday wish list as this will definitely feature another HG treat.


Barry M nail varnish

Ok so I’ve wanted to buy this wintery nail colour for a while now and decided to treat myself just before Amsterdam cause a girl gotta have those nails of fleek for insta pics. This colour makes me feel super sophisticated and grown up – weird how a nail varnish can change your perspective (and down right lie to your brain.) This speedy quick dry is a God send for an impatient little bean like myself who is prone to smudging.

Time with my wifey

As my pal Millie lives in Manchester I don’t get to see her as much as I’d like to, which sucks! When she comes home she obviously has other commitments and people to see so going away for the weekend together was so great! It means we got to have a proper catch up and spend some well deserved girl time strolling the streets of Amsterdam. Although it was short lived I really appreciated being able to spend the weekend with this babe!


Visiting new places

And on the same note, the ability to hop on a 45 minute flight and spend a couple of days exploring a whole new city is like pure bliss to me! I love seeing new places, learning new things and observing different cultures. More to come on Amsterdam in a separate post but (spoiler alert) I highly recommend!


New filing cabinet

I have been looking to get a filing cabinet for SO LONG now. It may sounds like a strange thing to desire, especially as I don’t have an office at home but being an organisational freak and having no space to separate you paperwork into headed sections can lead to multiple meltdowns (trust me). MUM TO THE RESCUE and this little beauty has saved my soul! Not only do I no longer have paper work flying everywhere, I now have more space to put pretty things… win win!


Finding lost things

When going through the mountain of paper work (I had to figure out what was making it into the new filing system and what was “girl bye” into the bin) I stumbled across my lost wedding plans!!! I had misplaced these little buggers months ago, they seemed to have just vanished off the face of the earth and I did not have the strength to re do them. (Until recently when I re did everything and then oh look here’s the old ones!)


Bridesmaid dress stress is over!

On the whole wedding theme I am happy to announce that all three bridesmaids now have dresses, after a worrying time where I thought one may have to come naked or you know by chopped out the show! THANKFULLY all will be kitted out in a bloody bargain babe from none other than ASOS! seriously brides to be – ASOS is your friend.


Have a great weekend and happy anti-valentines <3

Peace and love xoxo



  1. February 27, 2016 / 9:53 am

    Love love the new hair!

    And I sit wrong that at nearly 10am I’m craving mac & cheese!? You’ve got me really hungry Laura!! Haha xx

    • February 27, 2016 / 9:54 am

      Thanks chick!! Haha no go for it it’s an any time of day kinda thing in my eyes!!! Lol xx

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