Tendon Repair Surgery…


Monday marked surgery day and after previously having had the operation cancelled I was more worried that it wouldn’t go ahead than actually having it done!

I spent Sunday evening packing my bag for the hospital and figuring out what to wear so that I would be comfortable and able to fit a cast under my outfit. I opted for a black maxi dress and cardigan, with my white Adidas trainers as I felt these were my most supportive shoe (also a bloody bargain!! £5 from the charity shop!!)

(I can also confirm that the only things I actually used in my bag were my phones – personal and work phones, I’m not a drug dealer! They tell you to bring toiletries, slippers and a dressing gown in case you end up having to stay.)


My alarm was set for 6am however, my mum decided to call me 1 minute before it went off! NOT COOL MUM I HAD A WHOLE ONE MINUTE SLEEP LEFT! It didn’t take me long to get ready as you’re not allowed to have any cosmetics on! No make up, no nail varnish, no deodorant! Also I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything – brushing your teeth when you’re thirsty is like torture! 6.20am arrived and so did my mums friend who was driving me to the hospital! I couldn’t have been more thankful for this as my only other option was the train, it was pitch black at this time and I don’t think my moral would have held up under the circumstances. But with someone to talk to, to reassure me and to take my mind off things the whole experience was a lot more bearable.

We arrived at Oaks hospital in Colchester and I was shown to my room. It was nicer than the previous room I was given and with a much bigger TV – an added bonus of postponing!

My first visitor was the anesthetist, a very straight faced man who came to talk to me about going under. Never having had anesthetic before I was a little nervous that it wouldn’t work and also that I might throw up everywhere!

Next was my nurse, a lovely big blonde lady who came to check me over – she checked everything except my temperature, which is what I had failed on last time… I looked at Karen (my mums friend) in a panic – she didn’t take my temperature?!?!?! The nurse then came back in like oops sorry! Sticking the thermometer in my ear, I held my breath in anticipation and once she said it was fine I let out a “woooo I passed!” … she looked at me like I was crazy and left me to get changed.

I was given a sexy hospital gown and the tightest sock I have ever tried to get on my bulky leg! I’m not 100% sure what this sock is for and I still have to wear it now even after the surgery? Maybe I should question these things but I just nodded and smiled.


Then came my consultant who told me that I was first on the list and came to draw a big fat arrow on my leg – this is pretty reassuring, knowing that they wont accidentally operate on the wrong one!


I didn’t have to wait too long before the porter came to take me to the operating theater and this is where Karen and I parted ways. I actually enjoyed this little trip as the porter was fantastically sarcastic so we lol’ed our way through the hospital. I did however feel super awks and lazy being wheeled around in a bed when I could walk perfectly fine but I was told to make the most of it!

You know like in films where people get wheeled into theater and they open the doors to pristine white walls and super bright lights…. this is EXACTLY what it was like!

The room being so clinical got me feeling all nervous, but I carried on smiling, pretending like everything was okay. Another nurse took care of me here, and she was so cute and lovely!! Whilst the anesthetist poked painfully at my hand to try and get my stubborn veins to play ball, she held my other hand asking me questions to take my mind off of it, like what would you be doing if you wasn’t here right now? Errrmmm not getting casually bruised by a random man??


Finally they got the needle in and the weirdest sensation filled my arm, it started off warm then got a bit achey. I started to feel sleepy but not sleepy enough… I kept looking at the anesthetist and thinking… he’s worried! I’m not falling asleep quick enough, they’re going to have to give me more!

The nurse put a mask on me to give me some oxygen, I took a couple of deep breaths and closed my eyes. I opened them and instantly regained my panic!!! It’s not working! They aren’t going to be able to get me to sleep, what if they don’t realise I’m not asleep!!

Then I noticed a completely different nurse looking at me saying “oh you’re awake” I was so confused… I looked around and realised I was in a different room? “You’re all done, how are you feeling?” I answered this with a sexy burp and an embarrassed apology! She wasn’t phased.

But seriously…. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUDGE?!?!?!

It’s like voodoo! How does this even work?? I was so shocked!

I was also absolutely freezing and beyond thirsty! So she got me two extra blankets and fed me some water. I was still a bit drowsy but was determined to be up beat and awake… I tried to make conversation with the nurses and they swiftly decided I was well enough to go back to my room.


Once back in my room I was monitored for about 2 hours, the nurse would come in every so often check all my vitals and ask if I needed anything; this was a different nurse and she was also lovely! I looked forward to her coming in as hospital can be pretty boring on your own! I watched come dine with me, judge rinder and jeremy kyle while I waited for my mum to finish work and come collect me. The nurses kept offering me painkillers but it wasn’t too bad at this point so I refused. However, I did request my cheese sandwich! And this time I enjoyed it with a pot of green tea.


After a while I needed to use the bathroom so I called for a nurse to come help me. This is the kind of stuff that is really going to get to me… as lazy as I am, I’m still pretty independent and I don’t like to put people out in order to help me. I know this is their job but it’s how I felt. She came in,, lowered my bed, passed me my crutches and left me to it… I was a bit dizzy and wobbly but I made it!! I still had the needle in my hand from the anesthetic and managed to get this caught on my knickers! NOT FUN but I took a deep breath, shut the pipe leading to my hand back up and finished my business.

One thing I did enjoy was the bed! It was memory foam and way better than my bed at home! Plus it was adjustable; this made finding a comfortable leg position a lot easier!


FINALLY my mum arrived!! I had started to get cabin fever, taking stupid snapchats, and laughing to myself … it was definitely time to go home! I was so happy to see my mum that I couldn’t stop talking… I think I annoyed her instantly but I didn’t care, I needed to talk!

The nurse came back one last time to make sure I knew everything about my recovery and that I had all the leaflets, meds and appointment times I needed. Then came the crappy part… As part of my recovery I will have to inject myself with blood thinners daily for two weeks to prevent any blood clots. For me to be able to leave, the nurse had to witness me do one of these injections. I am NOT a fan of needles, I tend to get a bit fainty so opt out of watching. However, when you’re the one injecting yourself, you kind of have to look. I took the lid off the needle and took some deep breathes while the nurse looked at me worryingly. I managed to do the injection and laid back laughing nervously while the nurse asked me over and over again if I was okay, I clearly didn’t seem to be. I wasn’t … all I could think was OUCH!!!! and how the hell am I going to do that every day??? ( I take my hat off to all the diabetics out there!)

Once changed out of my gown and back into normal clothes we maneuvered our way out of the hospital and into the car, mum handed me the chocolate biscuits she had bought for me and despite feeling sick I got stuck in! ( I ate the entire box in one day…. I’m not even ashamed!!)

Next step was getting up to my flat… although I nearly fell face first through the door after a crutch/welcome mat slip, I did pretty well. Jon had just got home and helped my mum settle me in (whilst she warned him of my talkative, annoying mood.)

And that was me done!!! Time to chill out and recover!

Have you or anyone you know gone through similar surgery? Any hints and tips on how to get comfortable?

Also if you have any questions feel free to ask!

Peace and love xoxo

Laura x


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