November – a month in photos…



  1. The cast is gone and into the boot!
  2. First venture out of the flat without crutches – a brief stop to take a comical insta leaf shot in my new leg accessory
  3. Business cards arrived! Woo exciting 🙂
  4. Trying to work from home but Lola is having none of it!
  5. A trip to Abigails in Ingatestone for their taster day
  6. A day out with the little sister!
  7. Back on the wine – bye bye pain killers, hello fun!
  8. Bar&Beyond launch in Chelmsford and my wifey comes home.
  9. Christening for our friends cute little boy
  10. An early set up for Christmas!

What will December bring?!

Peace and love xoxo

Laura x





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