Ankle update…

So as I mentioned in my previous post “cankle life” I was due to go in for my op on September 23rd.

However, me being me nothing Is ever that simple and of course something went wrong… don’t panic I didn’t have to have my leg amputated or anything, in fact absolutely nothing happened at all!!!!

Here’s the low down of what occurred:

I get to the hospital with my entourage (mother and fiancé) and we are shown to my own private room (which totally made me feel like a celeb but probably happens more often that I think). – I would like to point out however, that I felt in no way like a celeb considering you can’t wear any cosmetics; this means no make up and no deodorant?! Why is this a thing?!

My first visitor was the nurse, she came and took my blood pressure etc. gave me a sexy gown and explained what would be happening. She was a little worried at how high my temperature was but said she would come back and try it again later.


My hospital band, which was ultimately useless

Next to show up was the restaurant lady (much more like it!) She came to ask what sandwich I would like after the operation had been done… I promptly told her that she was torturing me with this talk of food considering I hadn’t eaten since 9pm and it was now close to 1pm the next day! I then confirmed on the cheese sandwich (obviously) and an apple juice (this decision was a lot harder than I imagined!)

Then the physio arrived with some crutches and a zimmer frame much like my nan used to have (she tended to pick the frame up and run along with it….. then she would fall over. Don’t think she really grasped the concept of it to be honest, which didn’t fill me with much hope for myself). The physio taught me the correct way to use crutches and decided that I would be fine on these (no zimmer for me, phew!)

She then took me along the hall to teach me how to manoeuvre stairs! (it’s honestly like being a child again). She questioned me on what kind of stairs I would have to conquer at home, and like any normal person does, I promptly produced a picture of them which I had on my phone. (I would like to point out that I’m not some sort of weird stair enthusiast. As it happens I had taken a spectacular fall down these stairs a couple of weeks before and kept the picture to show people how mean and nasty they were – I don’t really think this explanation helps me defend my sanity in any way but never mind, worth a try!).


This is the picture of the stairs which I showed the physio…. looking good in this instagram filter I must say! #stairenthusiast

After learning to use stairs again, I returned to my little room where the three of us watched some TV (the cube in case you were wondering).

After a while the nurse came back and retook my temperature, she looked at me with a nervous, sympathetic look and went to get my consultant who promptly told me that he would by no means be operating on me as it was too dangerous given my high temperature and potential infection. BRILLIANT!

He then noted that it was a shame, as he had really been looking forward to it – safe to say mum was not impressed with the notion that someone would be looking forward to slicing her daughters ankle open, but each to their own I suppose!

The good news… I still got to eat the cheese sandwich which I devoured in all of about 3 seconds.

Then back home for me with no operation and a week off work with an awful virus which ultimately turned into some sort of bacterial infection which I fought with antibiotics.


Me being sent home from work as nobody wanted my germs.

Next op date is Monday 19th October ….. wish me luck! Hopefully this time it will actually go ahead!!

Laura x


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