About me…

If you’re an ordinary gal, looking to escape into the world of another ordinary gal, connect over the things that make us who we are
and have a bit of a laugh along the way then you my friend are in the right place. I started Life by Laura because I love to write so if you love to read (which I assume you do) we will soon become a match made in heaven.


As you can see from my logo I have thrown myself into the Lifestyle category and why is that? Because tbh trying to explain what
this blog is about in one word is like a toddler frustratingly trying to jam that triangle block in the square hole. Lifestyle seems
to be a “bit of everything” kind of place so that shall be my home. Saying that, what you can expect from me is ramblings on my inner most thoughts, acne updates (due to my skin being the total babe that it is), reviews, health and fitness – basically whatever comes into my life and inspires me to write.

Amazingly for me, Life by Laura has already worked with some great brands included Goldsmiths and Homesense as well as being featured in Essex Life Magazine. I remember when the first request dropped into my inbox and I instantly called my biggest fan shouting MUM I’VE MADE IT! … Lol, bless!

So where did it all begin? I actually stated my blog back in 2013 before heading to the airport for a flight to Marbs. While I was a bit
on and off with it at first, Life by Laura has become a huge part of my life and who I am. I’ve met some amazing people, had some fab opportunities and can’t believe it’s all stemmed from me sitting on that dusty old sofa and saying to the world, HELLO IT’S ME.

I’ve always loved to write, aside from being thrilled every time a creative writing project was given at school I would also carry this on at home. I once asked for a laminator for Christmas and couldn’t have been more excited when I actually got it – what did I use it for? To make my own magazines (which I would laminate and bind LOL yep I was that girl). I would also write short stories on my computer and had a, let’s call it, “imaginative” diary collection (which I still own and no you can’t read them CRINGIN ‘ELL)

A bit about me as a person – I’m 26 (which I’ll probably forget to update and will therefore remain 26 for the next 3 years so FYI I was born in 1991), I’m married to the guy I met at a party when I was an awkward 16 year old with long dark hair and too much eyeliner, we own a flat in Chelmsford Essex and of course the family would not be complete without our bundle of joy….. Lola, our cat. I’m a trash TV junkie, GIRL POWER enthusiast, on and off gym bunny, prosecco loving girl who is desperately trying to figure this adulting thing out.

So if Life by Laura sounds like your glass of prosecco then I look forward to writing for you! Hit me up on twitter or insta and let’s be pals 🙂

Peace and Love xoxo